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Jon Stewart’s leanings toward a greener world and fair treatment of animals is pretty well known. Did you see the episode where he positively destroyed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over vetoing a popular gestation crate ban? How about his thorough interview with Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur?  Or even the segment where he took on poaching?

Though the playbook for his reporting style likely reads, “A. Place tongue firmly in cheek. B. Explore all sides C. Mercilessly skewer,” he’s almost universally lauded for being the voice of reason in an age of scaremonger journalism and corporate pandering by “news” networks. Oh, how we will all miss him.

Please…please, don’t go….

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys The Farm! Don't Worry, he Plans to Live There.Salon

With the announcement that he will be leaving The Daily Show at the end of this season, speculation as to what’s next for the comedian has encircled him. While it’s still up in the air what kind of future magic he’ll deliver, and in what medium, the only thing we do know is that he’s going to greener pastures. Literally.

As it turns out that he and his wife Tracey have reportedly decided to purchase a farm in New Jersey. It’s a good thing too, considering that they boast a family that consists of two children, four dogs, two horses, two pigs, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, two hamsters, one parrot and two fish. “All rescues,” Tracey says of her enormous brood. “Except for the children.”

This is a moment of zen if we’ve ever seen one.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys The Farm! Don't Worry, he Plans to Live There.Pinterest

You see, Tracey – a former vet tech – is not only a vocal and steadfast animal advocate herself, she’s the Editor-in-Chief of the online parenting magazine Moomah, whose April 2015 issue is entirely dedicated to veganism.

Makes sense since she’s vegan herself! Even so, why would she devote an entire issue of her magazine to the subject? “Being vegan myself, I think it can only benefit others to at least ponder what life would be like on a diet filled with fewer animal products,” she writes.

How else do you think she has all that energy for kid crafting? 

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys The Farm! Don't Worry, he Plans to Live There.


While reports are circulating (though are unconfirmed) that their intention behind purchasing the farm might, in fact, be to house more rescues in a sanctuary type set up, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising. After reading Gene Baur’s first book “Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food,” Tracey reached out to the organization in order to offer support and began taking her children to visit the animals at their various locations. She even went so far as to gift all of the couple’s guests Adopt-a-Farm Animal sponsorships last Thanksgiving!

“The joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing,” says Tracey. “A trip to Farm Sanctuary should be on everyone’s to-do list, but you can also bring a little bit of sanctuary home when you sponsor an animal through the Adopt a Farm Animal Program.”

Wasn’t Snow White the one who hung out with all the animals? So fitting.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys The Farm! Don't Worry, he Plans to Live There.Fan Share

The couple are such supporters of the organization that two sheep were named Jon and Tracey in their honor and the pair recently had a little sheep of their own named Hazleton. She’s even taken educating people about animals a step further by penning a new book coming out October of 2015 titled “Do Unto Animals,” which promises to be a humorous and insightful look into the secret lives of animals and a guide for how to live alongside them. A portion of the proceeds will go to, you guessed it, Farm Sanctuary.

This happy mama was aptly named after another happy mama.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys The Farm! Don't Worry, he Plans to Live There.Huffington Post


While the loss of Stewart from a half-hour comedy show that has turned out to be a better source of news than most other network programs on air still stinging, it serves as a slight balm to picture him awash in the love of rescue animals on an idyllic farm in America’s Garden State. Maybe his next show can be a family oriented glimpse into his life with Tracey and their animal friends? We can dream … we can dream.

Lead image source: Zimbio

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30 comments on “Jon Stewart and Wife Tracey Prepare for Life After the Daily Show … and it Involves a lot of Animals!”

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Mike b
3 Years Ago

Hers hoping the little bastard leaves the country.

3 Years Ago

I guess sick when I hear the Jew Jon Stewart and he bashes people about the invasion of Iraq but of course the little Jew weasel doesn\'t mention the Israel Lobby. I hope he gets his soon as well.

David R Peterson
03 May 2015

You don\'t know shit, Jack. Obviously you don\'t watch the show, you anti-semitic pig.

3 Years Ago

What kind of rag is this publication? I realize it is the internet but my god, the amount of arse kissing and idol worship for Stewart in this article made me throw up in my mouth! He is a second rate comedian who thinks he knows a lot about world issues when he knows no more than the average ill informed liberal moron. I have watched his show and seriously do not understand all the adulation. Perhaps my high IQ is causing me not to see what the liberal sheople see. The same can be said for our inept president and the same people think he is actually doing a good job and that the country is in great shape. How sad.

30 Apr 2015

^Proof that IQ is not a good measure of intelligence.

B-Roc Dolan
30 Apr 2015

The key to life is happiness. Bill lost..........

30 Apr 2015

But your high IQ didn\'t keep you from reading a blog post, with Jon Stewart in the title (Kind of a clue the whole thing might be about him) on a site entitled "One Green Planet".

30 Apr 2015

Troll Troll Troll your nonsense gently down the stream.....

Gail Kelley
30 Apr 2015

I happen to love Jon Stewart\'s show - I was so sad to hear he was leaving. I then found out he is going to be helping animals - that is perfect!! While you proceed with your name calling, which is SO typical, the rest of us who love Jon (and there are many of us) are ready to cheer him on in his latest endeavor. He is an amazing comedian, and more importantly, he is an amazing man. Go take your baseless insults elsewhere Bill, you are what is sad, even with your "high IQ."

30 Apr 2015

Pretty sure Bill does not know what the letters IQ reference.

01 May 2015

Hahaha, your "high IQ" indeed. That\'s pretty funny. Modest, too!

Cindy Mattera
3 Years Ago

I love that Jon and Tracy are opening up a sanctuary!!! Farm animals are the most abused animal\'s on our planet, and now they will have a safe place to go, and it will also educate the public! God bless you both!

ragin Ray
3 Years Ago

Tracy is "hot". Further proof of Jon\'s intelligence!

30 Apr 2015

Your kidding right, farm animals are for food, not pets, what a moron

Doug Rankin
3 Years Ago

They seem like really decent people. Nice to see.

Mary Ridenhour
3 Years Ago

He\'s one of my favorite people that I don\'t have the pleasure of knowing personally. What a lovely family. And no matter what Pablo is intimating about the great tax benefits, trying to make the Stewart family look mercenary, you cannot fake liking animals to this degree. They\'re a lot of time and effort and you simply have to love them to keep them. Good story.

3 Years Ago

I wish you as much enjoyment with your family as I have had watching you. The Comedy channel is facing a herculean task trying to fill your seat. I will find myself going back to watching the news at 11 PM. C\'est dommage!


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