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Most of the time, people adopt animals. But in this case, a cat adopted a man. This is a story that is sure to make you smile.

Imgur user Nigeltown — who I’ll call Nigel for the sake of the article — shared a sweet and hilarious photo story that warms the heart. After a long day, he returned home to a find a cat in his house. The thing is, though, he didn’t have a cat before he left. Now he did.

Can you imagine coming home to this?

Nigel presumed the cat must have come through an open window and just made himself at home.

Nigel decided the little guy must be hungry, so he ran out to the store to go get him some food and other cat supplies. As the cat ate, Nigel writes that he was meowing and purring like crazy.

Later the next day, Nigel canvased his neighborhood to see if anyone was missing a cat. But, apparently, none of his neighbors had any cats at all.

Nigel decided he should take the cat to the vet and see if he was microchipped. He was not. But, while there, they discovered that the cat had worms and fleas. He got shots and meds and went back home with Nigel — whom the cat followed all over the house, wherever he went.

Throughout the next week, Nigel checked to see if anyone was missing a cat and/or if there were any mama cats nearby. But again, there was nothing to indicate where this little cat had come from.

Finally, Nigel decided to give the little cutie pie a name. He chose Buddy.

Buddy loves his new home with Nigel and Nigel has happily accepted that Buddy adopted him. The two are now a loving, happy family. And if the unique circumstances they met under are any indication of the future, it’s going to be interesting and exciting.



This is just another reminder that cats are the most interesting, wonderful animals out there. What would you do if you came home to a new cat like this?

Images: Nigeltown/Imgur

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candice f
8 Months Ago

I admit to being a total softie when it comes to cats.
I adopted a kitten. It was love at first sight.
Then one day online, I saw a gorgeous old cat that had been sitting in the animal shelter ...
I brought him home with me and we were a happy little family, then I moved.
My mom died suddenly and I inherited .... her cat.
This cat weighs more than I do but we ( the cats and I) love her and she loves us.
Cats bring good things into your life. Just quit fighting and accept it :)

Nanette Valencia
8 Months Ago

Precious little cat

8 Months Ago

BRAVO Nigel!!!!
REAL men love cats (or at least accept them).
THAT cat will love you unconditionally till the day it dies!!!!
Bless your precious heart for ALL you did for this precious cat!!! Your rewards will NEVER end!!!!

8 Months Ago

Bless you Nigel!! I would have done the same thing. Buddy is one very fortunate kitty. Too many aren\'t that lucky.

karen pastore
8 Months Ago

i love this story....nice compassionate guy. all these stories are great.

Bryan Deppe
8 Months Ago

And Cat people ARE the best people

8 Months Ago

This is not unusual for cats. Cats are ery independent and you don\'t adopt them they adopt you. This from a person adopted by three (3) cats. :-)

06 Sep 2017

I agree, you can\'t tell a cat where to live, they decide,. I\'ve had so many, I\'ve lost count, and they all moved in on their own. Funny thing is I\'m really a dog person, but don\'t tell Freya who is in her basket next to me. She\'s a sweetheart. My dogs and cats get along just fine and like each other too. They are all my fur babies.

8 Months Ago

My two adult cats come from similar circumstances. My female Maine Coon cat was one I\'d adopted to someone else the previous year and I was surprised when I saw her returned to our shelter. My beloved tortie, Sadie, passed the week before and I was still heartbroken and sniffling over the loss. When I checked the MC file, her human had passed. It was kismet! I put a hold on her for one week to ensure I wasn\'t adopting for the wrong reason. The next week as I walked by her cage, she let out this bellow that sounded like "MAMMA!" That\'s all it took; she came home the same day.

Shortly thereafter, while replenishing supplies on our back porch feeding station, this huge grey tom cat (who turned out to be a Chartreux) waltzed in and refused to leave. I left both doors and windows opened for him to leave, but all he did was look with one eye opened from the comfort of one of the cat trees and went back to sleep!

Both have been with me for nearly five years now and are the love of my life. I truly believe cats choose us, not the other way around. Same with this cat who chose the guy in the story. He knew a good home when he chose it.

8 Months Ago

Smart cat. Cats always choose their owners. We had a neighbor cat move in with us once because her owner didn\'t like her. We soon found out why. She was a very cranky cat and always complained about everything. We had another cat when we got her and he chose us too. I was walking home in the middle of winter with snow on the ground when I heard a very young cat meowing and following me. I am not a cat person and I tried to ignore him but he kept following me so I turned to look at him and in an instant he jumped right into my arms. We went home and he lived with us for the rest of his life. He was the best cat I ever had. He was a very loving cat.

8 Months Ago

This happened to us twice. One cat just wouldn\'t leave our garage and the other cat just meowed loudly all around the house in the middle of a very cold and snowy winter. We even got adopted by a lost female cat and her kittens while camping at a remote campground. We now have 9 cats and lover them all.


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