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Paul Shapiro recently debuted his book, Clean Meat, and it has already skyrocketed to become a Washington Post bestseller. The book documents the progress of groundbreaking companies and individuals who are developing the technology to grow meat in labs, without harming any animals in the process. In the book, Paul shares how this exciting new type of meat could effectively put factory farms out of business within our lifetimes. Pretty cool, right?

Clean Meat is making waves once again by becoming the first-ever book to be bound in REAL LEATHER that was grown using cellular agriculture. The book is now up for auction, with all the proceeds benefiting the Good Food Institute’s work in cellular agriculture.

The book cover was made by Geltor through the process of microbial fermentation. “While Geltor’s platform for designing and building texture with biology has launched products in cosmetics and food, this is the company’s first foray into materials,” GFI notes


“This book is about the future, both in its content and its cover. Because of pioneers like those chronicled in Clean Meat, the day will come when we view our present-day factory farming of animals as a relic of a technologically primitive past,” Shapiro told GFI.

Not only have there been groundbreaking technological advancements in the food space, the clothing industry is also seeing a switch to sustainable sources. Brooklyn-based startup Modern Meadow uses living cells to create bio-fabricated materials exactly like leather, all without harming a single animal. The company debuted their first product, a bio-fabricated shirt in October of 2017 and hopes to have their animal-free leather in the marketplace by this year!

If you’re interested in bidding on the book signed by Paul himself, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about the advancements in the world of clean meat, check out the recent #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast with Paul Shapiro.

Image Source: The Good Food Insitute 

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11 comments on “Check Out the World’s First Book Bound in Leather That Was Created in a Lab – Without Harming a Single Animal!”

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Matt Ball
6 Months Ago

Thanks for the story, Michelle! The book sold for $12,790, all to help The Good Food Institute\'s work!

Mike Alf Sikorski
7 Months Ago

Coolest thing ever? This page is such hypocritical ridiculous shit

Vita Searle
7 Months Ago

The point is?

Little Llama
17 Jan 2018

Obvious . . .

Vita Searle
17 Jan 2018

Little Llama -Really, we don't need books to be covered in leather, real or fake, most are not. Amending my original comments for those who can't understand my simple what is the point question.

Sonal G
17 Jan 2018

Vita Searle It's nothing more than a fashion statement. And fashion is never a 'need'

Harita Sistu
17 Jan 2018

Vita Searle It's not like they're going to start commercial-scale production of this leather-bound book. It is to a revolutionary invention which has the potential to change genuine leather consumption across the world. They can replicate and reproduce the above experimental procedure to manufacture everyday "leather" products like bags, shoes, and belts.

Vita Searle
17 Jan 2018

Harita Sistu -Already seen that from another company, Modern meadow, but they have gone from that to this, not the other way round, that is why it is questionable, surely concentrating on more everyday stuff would be wiser. However unlike Modern Meadow, I am not sure this is fully animal free, modern Meadow uses yeast culture, this company Clean Meat seems to be using animal biopsy cells.

Harita Sistu
18 Jan 2018

I see what you mean in terms of other companies before them doing it. They could’ve taken it a step forward. But they use genetically modified yeast cells that produce collagen to make the leather. I think the biopsy cells were just progenitor cells used to grow meat in the lab.

Manel Dias
7 Months Ago

Amazing News and the MUSIC to my ears. This mass murder and the vicious bloodbath of the Innocent sentient beings will be finally & completely could be eliminated....Thanks to the Genius Inventors...

Cindy Yates
7 Months Ago

Hurrah!! Animal ag is bad for the animals, our planet, and us.

Jeff Biss
7 Months Ago

These lab technologies will end the holocaust that is the meat industry!


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