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ACCT Philly, an animal care and control service provider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has given a new life to horses who, until recently, were owned by the now defunct Philadelphia Carriage Company. Now, horses who were previously exploited in the carriage industry have gotten a beautiful new start at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

The rescued horses were transferred to the non-profit’s horse caregiving facility and rescue in Maryland.


After the years they spent working tirelessly carrying 2000+ pound carriages and tourists, they are now finally able to rest and enjoy every day.

The horses will now have a chance to find new adoptive homes …

Or, if that does not happen, they will happily live out their retirement at the rescue.



Thanks to the two organizations that orchestrated the move and took the horses in and to the city of Philadelphia that supported the handling of the situation, all the animals from the defunct carriage company now have their own safe place to stay. Unfortunately, many horses used in the carriage industry end up at auction when they can no longer work. A few lucky horses may find other homes, but many are purchased by slaughter plants and turned into low-grade meat. After all the years dedicated to serving humans, this is hardly the kind of fate they deserve.

We can’t wait to see the day when every carriage horse gets to retire in the love and care of compassionate people, but until then, please keep sharing information about the cruelty involved in the carriage industry and support incredible sanctuaries like Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

To learn more about ACCT Philly, click here.

All image source: ACCT Philly/Facebook

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11 comments on “These Carriage Horses Just Got Retired to a Sanctuary, Showing There Is Still Some Good in the World”

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Katherine Bobula
9 Months Ago

Long overdue, great news

Jen X Willder
9 Months Ago

Gentle Giants sells to carriage companies.

Connie Paulsen
9 Months Ago

Now to get this kind of thing stopped in bc

9 Months Ago


Do Stecklel
9 Months Ago

Heather Steckel Kelly

Lynette Blackert MacLagan
9 Months Ago

Thank goodness! Hope they live a happy life now! <3

Jean L. Kitner
9 Months Ago

Chelsea Riggeal

Harley Robert
9 Months Ago

These horses were not voluntarily relinquished. The City of Philadelphia shut down the business because of the poor condition of the horses and the unacceptable conditions of the stable in which they were kept. The owner fought the shut down in court. The Veterinarians who examined the horses found them to be malnourished and in poor condition and the stable was deemed unacceptable. It is great that they are going to the sanctuary but a little concerning that the owner of the sanctuary stated that the horses seem well taken care of and not underweight, which is belied by the photos of the horses. This battle was covered extensively by The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper.

9 Months Ago

Imagine the Horrific life style these Magnificent animals had to endure. After working their entire life time like "Slaves\' to their owners, when they get older they are being send to slaughter houses to murder them and sell their flesh at a lower grade meat products...HUMANS ARE THE MOST VENOMOUS, EVIL, MONSTERS THIS PLANET EARTH EVER KNOWN...

Mauryne Simoens
09 Jan 2018

Mankind (our government included) HAVE USED AND ABUSED animals for years. I am glad to see people (some) are beginning to see the actual ABUSE animals are put through for the "pleasure" of unthinking persons, usually to turn some money back to themselves. This is why I hate animal rides, circuses, rodeos, etc. Thank got these horses got a reprieve. Right here in Texas, "retired" greyhounds are mutilated and malnourished, with the states blessings. Look it up, it is true. What about the Iowan government person wishing to bring dog fighting to Iowa. INSANE!!!!!

9 Months Ago

Good, I hope all cities just ban this practice. When I was in New York, I couldn\'t stand to watch these poor stressed out horses carting people around in the noisy streets. What an awful life. I hope that when people realize the stress these majestic beings are under in the city that they think twice about taking part in this cruel act.


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