ACCT Philly, an animal care and control service provider in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has given a new life to horses who, until recently, were owned by the now defunct Philadelphia Carriage Company. Now, horses who were previously exploited in the carriage industry have gotten a beautiful new start at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

The rescued horses were transferred to the non-profit’s horse caregiving facility and rescue in Maryland.


After the years they spent working tirelessly carrying 2000+ pound carriages and tourists, they are now finally able to rest and enjoy every day.

The horses will now have a chance to find new adoptive homes …

Or, if that does not happen, they will happily live out their retirement at the rescue.




Thanks to the two organizations that orchestrated the move and took the horses in and to the city of Philadelphia that supported the handling of the situation, all the animals from the defunct carriage company now have their own safe place to stay. Unfortunately, many horses used in the carriage industry end up at auction when they can no longer work. A few lucky horses may find other homes, but many are purchased by slaughter plants and turned into low-grade meat. After all the years dedicated to serving humans, this is hardly the kind of fate they deserve.

We can’t wait to see the day when every carriage horse gets to retire in the love and care of compassionate people, but until then, please keep sharing information about the cruelty involved in the carriage industry and support incredible sanctuaries like Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

To learn more about ACCT Philly, click here.


All image source: ACCT Philly/Facebook