Making homemade vanilla extract requires a few easy-to-find supplies — organic vodka, whole vanilla beans, and bottles. The process is super-easy; combine vanilla beans and vodka in dark bottles and then store for two months. Then, you're in business to start baking homemade goodies with your very own homemade vanilla extract. They make a great gift, too!

Homemade Vanilla Extract [Vegan]

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  • 12 4-ounce bottles or appropriate containers for extract
  • 2 25-ounce bottles of organic vodka or your favorite high-proof vodka of choice, about 10-11 cups or so
  • 36 vanilla beans
  • Dark storage box for vanilla to age


  1. Sanitize the containers in the dishwasher, hot soapy water, or with a sanitizing solution.
  2. For each cup or so of vodka, you will need 3 full vanilla beans split down the center to expose the seeds. If using bottles with small openings, cut the vanilla beans in half.
  3. Place the vanilla beans in the bottle and, using a funnel, pour vodka into the bottle ensuring the vanilla beans are covered. Leave a bit of head space that will allow you some room to shake up the bottles.
  4. Cap the bottle tightly and shake well. Place in a dark box for storage. Repeat process until all bottles are filled.
  5. Create pretty labels and stick to bottles.
  6. Once the extract has aged a minimum of 2 months, you can strain the vanilla which removes the vanilla beans and seeds or they can remain in the extract for a more rustic extract.

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