These fried zucchini ravioli are pretty much tiny pockets of flavor heaven. Crispy on the outside with tender zucchini and gooey cheese tucked on the inside, this recipe is a winner. Forming the ravioli may seem a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze! Serve these with plenty of tomato sauce and a generous sprinkling of parsley.

Fried Zucchini Ravioli [Vegan]



  • Medium zucchini, thinly sliced, two slices per ravioli
  • Vegan cream cheese (omit garlic), estimate 1 teaspoon per ravioli
  • Shredded vegan cheese, about 1 teaspoon per ravioli (I used a pizza blend)
  • Salt, pepper, chopped herbs, to season the filling
  • 2 servings of egg replacer
  • 2 cups seasoned bread crumbs
  • Oil, for frying
  • Chopped parsley, for garnish
  • Tomato sauce, for serving


  1. Mix sufficient cream cheese with shredded cheese and seasoning for the filling. (For 10 ravioli you would use about a 1/3 cup of each, more or less).
  2. Assemble the ravioli and secure with a toothpick.
  3. Dip each one in the egg replacer, then bread crumbs.
  4. Repeat the egg dip and use your hands to gently pack the bread crumbs around the ravioli.
  5. Measure enough oil to come about halfway up the sides of the ravioli in a frying pan and heat until shimmering.
  6. Carefully add three or four ravioli and fry until golden brown on both sides (three or four minutes per side).
  7. Drain the ravioli on some paper towels.
  8. Serve while hot with some sauce on the side as desired.