Fall has arrived, bringing crisp, cool nights, waning sunshine, and a beautiful array of colorful foliage.

It is a season filled with change, and a time of preparation. Trees shed their leaves, animals stock up on food and fur, and many birds and insects head south for the winter.

The season’s beauty is fleeting, but fortunately much of its bounty is as hardy as it comes. The superstars of the season are some of the most durable, nutrient-packed, and delicious fruits and vegetables we’ll see all year!

Apples, Brussels sprouts, root vegetables, figs, persimmons, and a dizzying variety of winter squash are at their peak right now, just to name a few. So don’t forget to look for these and other seasonal items at your local farmers market, in your CSA basket, or in your own back yard garden.

Note: Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a key to table abbreviations.

What’s in Season in your Region?

October Seasonal

Table Key (Regional Abbreviations):

  • S = South
  • SW = Southwest
  • MW = Midwest
  • UMW = Upper Midwest
  • PNW = Pacific Northwest
  • NE = Northeast

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Image Credit: Jonny Hat/Flickr