Sugar can often contain animal products. Bone char is used regularly to whiten sugar, and although there are plenty of vegan sugars out there, too much sugar can definitely have an adverse effect on your health.

For this reason, many of us have opted to try some tasty, all-natural sugar substitutes in our diets. If you’re interested in trying some sugar substitutes yourself, have a look at our recommendations below!


Stay Sweet!

1. Pure Moutain Stevia Drops 

Source: Pure Moutain Stevia Drops 

Pure Moutain Stevia Drops are kosher, vegan, and gluten-free. $16.77

One user says: “I’ve taken to adding this to make my own version of Braggs Apple Cider Cinnamon drink. This is the missing ingredient. Wow is this stuff tasty. Product arrived very fast. I think I am hooked.”

2. Lankanto Monkfruit Sweetener 

Source: Lankanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Lankanto Monkfruit Sweetener Keto, Diabetic, Candida, Paleo, Vegan and Low Carb freindly. non-GMO. $6.60


One user says: “I just finished making a genuine New York Cheesecake using MONKFRUIT sweetener and I’m amazed. The taste is beyond just comparable. It is indistinguishable. I will not hesitate to use this product in any of my favorite baking recipes. I only wish this was around when my mom, who suffered from Diabetes, was still alive so she could continue to enjoy all her favorite baked goods without worrying about her blood sugar.”

3. Enzo Organic Stevia 

Source: Enzo Organic Stevia

Enzo Organic Stevia is 100% organic. $22.49

4. MonkSweet

Source: MonkSweet

MonkSweet is entirely allergen free. $34.95

Chris Says: “I have been eating Keto for over a year and have been low carb for several years. I have tried almost every sweetener out there and this, by far, is the BEST sweetener out there. Very little to no aftertaste and I don’t get that “cooling effect” others give me.”


5. ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener 

Source: ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener

ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener Non-GMO, all natural, allergen-free, safe for diabetics, kosher certified $13.99

One user says: “This is probably the best sugar substitute out there by far, and my girlfriend and I have tried them all. We have started regularly using it in our coffee and cooking, and I honestly can’t tell any difference in the taste. It actually may taste even better than sugar. If you are health conscious, its worth giving this a try because it doesn’t require sacrificing any of the flavors you love but it is definitely way better for you.”

6. Madhava Golden Light Blue Agave 

Source: Madhava Golden Light Blue Agave

Madhava Golden Light Blue Agave is USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, and Gluten-Free. $11.58

One user says: “This is so wonderful !!! If you haven’t cooked with Agave, you must try iit!I sent this to my son who is a Sous Chef, and he uses it especially for carrots and other vegetables. It really doesn’t take too much, and the sweetened flavor goes right in to the carrots along with butter, and a dash of salt. They made such a sensation after serving guests at his house, they all went out and bought some the next day. He is on his 3rd bottle. He prefers the ‘light’ to the regular as it really is very sweet when using too much. With a little experiment on recipes that call for sugar, you can test to your own liking. I highly recommend this particular brand since it tested so well.”

7. Allulose Rare Natural Sweetener 

Source: Allulose Rare Natural Sweetener

Allulose Rare Natural Sweetener Gluten-free, Vegan, Kosher Pareve, GMO-free. $26.97

8. Just Like Sugar

Source: Just Like Sugar

Just Like Sugar is gluten-free. Non-GMO. $10.70


One user says: “My order of Just Like Sugar came today. I put some in my blender with some refrigerated coffee and some Coffeemate. After blending it up, I cautiously tasted it. Having used so many different types of sugar substitutes over the years, I was expecting to be disappointed.”

9. NatriSweet Original Stevia 

Source: NatriSweet Original Stevia

NatriSweet Original Stevia completely free of filler and binder. $16.58.

One user says: “This stuff lasts forever! I used to use the granulated stevia/ sugar alcohol mix, but it started giving me problems with my stomach. I was afraid this would be more expensive, being pure stevia, but I have been using my first bottle for more than a month now, and it is still not finished! (And I am very generous with the amount I put in my tea!) I like the fact that you can have it come out one drop at a time, and it has a good, clean taste”

10. D’vash Date Nectar 


Source: D’vash Date Nectar

D’vash Date Nectar is gluten free and paleo friendly. $9.75.

Jon says: “D’vash is incredible! It has a delicious taste, perfect consistency and is a natural, healthy way to add some sweetness to just about anything. We use it in a bunch of different ways, including dressings, marinades, smoothies/shakes, on top of pancakes and parfaits and more. Do yourself a favor and give D’vash a try – you won’t regret it!”

11. Kiva Organic Stevia

Source: Kiva Organic Stevia

Kiva Organic Stevia is Non-GMO. $12.34

Wendy says: “This is by far the best tasting organic stevia I have tried. There is NO after taste and you don’t need much to reach the level of sweetness desired. This will definitely be my “go to” sweetner! Love it.”

12. Sonourished Monkfruit Erythritol Blend 

Sonourished Monkfruit Erythritol Blend is gluten-free and non-GMO. $11.95

One user says: “Being diabetic, overweight, and addicted to sugar, I had to buckle down. Enter the Keto diet, which introduced me to this! No after taste at all, no bitterness. If you taste it on it’s own, it has a cooling effect, but, if mixed with something else, there’s no cooling effect. It doesn’t completely dissolve like sugar does, but, that’s not a problem for me. My blood sugars are now stable (YAY!!), and unlike other sugar alcohols, this one does NOT affect my stomach. PLUS, it does taste VERY similar to sugar.”

13. Wholesome Blue Agave

Source: Wholesome Blue Agave

Wholesome Blue Agave is gluten-free and kosher. $10.99

One user says: “OMG this stuff is AMAZING! I purchased some of this Blue Agave sweetener a few months ago. I have used it mostly to sweeten cereal or oatmeal. And wow! It tastes soo good. As good or better than using brown sugar! Plus, it is healthier and a safer sugar to use due to it’s slow absorption properties!”


Sweet Desserts

After you get all your tasty sweeteners, how ever will you use them? In recipes, of course! Like these tasty desserts from the Food Monster App.

Raw Plum and Prune Cheesecake Tart 

Source: Raw Plum and Prune Cheesecake Tart

This Raw Plum and Prune Cheesecake Tart by Mitra Shirmohammadi is so light and decadent! The filling consists of plums blended with soaked cashews, coconut oil, lemon juice for a zesty punch, maple syrup for natural sweetness, and vanilla!

2. Cacao Mousse and Raspberry Parfaits

Cacao Mousse and Raspberry Parfaits [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
Source: Cacao Mousse and Raspberry Parfaits

These Cacao Mousse and Raspberry Parfaits by Crissy Cavanaugh are so light and sugary! The best part of this recipe is it only requires five ingredients including the fresh berries!

Sunshine Lemon Ice Cream Cake

Sunshine Cake
Source: Sunshine Cake

This Sunshine Cake by Krisztina Berta will brighten up your day no matter the season – it’s that delicious. The rich, chewy date crust is topped with a luxuriously creamy banana coconut cake that’s accented with hints of fresh lemons and a pinch of ginger.

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