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Pecans: the stellar little additions to any dessert. The perfect partner to caramel, a great base and filling for tarts and pies, these flavorful treats are versatile and delicious. We decided to celebrate Pecan Cookie Day the best way we know how: by scouring our Food Monster App to find you the very best pecan cookies, brownies, bars, bites, and more! Whip up some of these recipes to celebrate an amazing holiday.

1. Chewy Butter Pecan Cookies [Vegan]

Chewy Butter Pecan Cookies

Image Source: Chewy Butter Pecan Cookies

For an amazing cookie to sweeten your day, try Gretchen Price’s Chewy Butter Pecan Cookies! The melting of the “butter” in this recipe will also retain moisture, making them chewy while creating a slightly crispy outside. These cookies are everything you need and more!

2. Salted Coconut Pecan Bars [Vegan]

Salted Coconut Pecan Bars

Image Source: Salted Coconut Pecan Bars

A crunchy, gooey, salty, sweet bar with a buttery crust, these Salted Coconut Pecan Bars by Lisa Lotts are awesome to bring to your next party or just as a treat to yourself. You earned it.

3. Mocha Crunch Pecan Butter Cups [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

mocha crunch butter cups

Image Source: Mocha Crunch Pecan Butter Cups

Pecan butter has a flavor that is almost caramel-flavored – amazing stuff, and so silky. Amy Lyons’  Mocha Crunch Pecan Butter Cups let that shine, and mix it with a little chocolate, coffee, and crunchy pecans for a sinfully decadent combination.

4. Flourless Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies [Vegan]

Flourless Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

Image Source: Flourless Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

These Flourless Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies by Karielyn Tillman are in one word…amazing! You will be shaking your head in disbelief that these cookies have no flour, grains, or gluten and still taste delicious. This recipe gives you a fudgy, moist, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cookie.

5. Paleo Pecan Pie Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Vegan soy-free refined sugar free Gluten-Free Paleo Pecan Pie Bars

Image Source: Paleo Pecan Pie Bars

These Paleo Pecan Pie Bars by Sabrina Estafo are sweet, sticky, and full of toasted pecan goodness! They’re made with a simple date caramel overlaying a shortbread crust! These will “wow” even the pickiest of eaters and leave you craving more, especially when you find out they’re made with paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and clean-eating ingredients!

6. Pecan Pumpkin Spice Pinwheel Bites [Vegan]

Pecan Pumpkin Spice Pinwheel Bites

Image Source: Pecan Pumpkin Spice Pinwheel Bites

Use wraps in a whole new way with Taylor Kiser’s recipe for healthy Pecan Pumpkin Spice Pinwheel Bites. To make these, simply mix spiced pumpkin puree onto wraps, adorn them with some crunchy roasted pecans, roll, and slice! You’re six ingredients and 20 minutes away from a simple, tasty, and oh-so-seasonal treat.

7. Pecan, Walnut, and Ginger Cookies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Pecan, Walnut, and Ginger Cookies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Pecan, Walnut, and Ginger Cookies

If you’re someone who tries to resist fall every time it comes around, let Kathryn Geyer‘s Pecan, Walnut, and Ginger Cookies guide you into the new season. Nobody’s trying to hit you over the head with pumpkin spice or butternut squash, but autumnal flavors like ginger and cinnamon and hearty, buttery nuts come together to make one seriously seasonal (and delicious!) dessert.

8. Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars With Date Caramel [Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo]

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Image Source: Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars With Date Caramel

Truth be told these Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars With Date Caramel, that are reaching the ultimate level of yum in your tum. Think a crunchy, maple-flavored crust that is the foundation of the extremely soft and chewy caramel layer that is secretly made of dates, and then a crunchy, sticky-sweet ending of toasty-roasty pecans with swirls of melty, ooey-gooey chocolate. It’s complete fall dessert bliss. By Taylor Kiser. 

9. Raw Orange Pecan Truffles [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Orange Pecan Truffles [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Raw Orange Pecan Truffles

These Raw Orange Pecan Truffles by Julie Van den Kerchove have so many layers of flavor! First, you taste the sharpness of the orange zest, then comes the rich flavor of the pecans, finished by the sweet taste of the dates and the cinnamon. If you like orange and chocolate desserts, you could even add some cacao nibs or chocolate chips too.

10. Heart Healthy Raw Pecan Spice Delight Cookies [Vegan]

Heart Healthy Raw Pecan Spice Delight Cookies

Image Source: Heart Healthy Raw Pecan Spice Delight Cookie

If you’re looking for a heart-healthy, can’t eat just one, easy, and super satiating cookie recipe that takes only minutes to make, then look no more than these Heart Healthy Raw Pecan Spice Delight Cookie. This is a terrific dessert recipe to take as a dish to pass at parties. By Kristen Suzanne

11. Gooey Salted Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars [Vegan]

Gooey Salted Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars

Image Source: Gooey Salted Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars

This recipe combines rich, salty caramel, chocolate, and toasted pecans … doesn’t that sound divine? These decadent Gooey Salted Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars by Medha Swaminathan also look pretty fancy, so if you have a party to go to, these are the thing to make! The toughest part is resisting the urge to keep them to yourself.

12. Perfect Mini Pecan Pies [Vegan]

Perfect Mini Pecan Pies [Vegan]

Image Source: Perfect Mini Pecan Pies

These Perfect Mini Pecan Pies by Amy Lyons are wonderful and cute as can be! Instead of the traditional corn syrup and brown sugar that goes into the sugary-sweet filling, a mixture of coconut oil and pecan butter is used instead, for a healthier alternative that tastes every bit as decadent as the original.

13. Snowball Cookies [Vegan]

Snowball Cookies [Vegan]

Image Source: Snowball Cookies

Jennifer Strohmeyer’s vegan version of Snowball Cookies is super easy to make and delicious! These cookies have a perfect, soft, crunchy texture with just the right amount of pecans and orange flavor. These can easily be made gluten-free by substituting the flour for your gluten-free flour of choice too.

14. 7-Ingredient Pecan Coconut Brownies [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

7-Ingredient Pecan Coconut Brownies [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Pecan Coconut Brownies

Can you believe these amazing gooey Pecan Coconut Brownies by Cody and Natalie Gantz are only made with seven ingredients?! It’s true, and they are so incredibly decadent and yummy to boot!

15. Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce

Last but certainly not least, use Lisa Lotts’  Southern Pecan Caramel Sauce to drizzle all over your pecan dessert creations! This decadent caramel sauce is filled with toasted pecans and rich coconut milk. It tastes just like pecan pie filling, without the crust!

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