A recent report from FoodNavigator-USA revealed that plant-based sweetener stevia is experiencing a surge in sales and popularity as consumers cut down on traditional sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Teresa Scardigli, the International Stevia Council’s executive director, told the website that the reason for stevia’s recent growth was because of consumers and regulators becoming more conscious about sugar’s role in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.


So, how can you find creative ways to reduce your own sugar intake? There’s plenty of research showing that a high-sugar diet can be associated with health problems, so eating less sugar can be an important and proactive step for improving your own health.

One of the first steps to reducing your sugar intake is to check labels. If you haven’t been paying attention, you might be surprised at how much sugar is actually in many store-bought beverages, non-dairy yogurts, or snacks. The next time you’re at the store, take a look at the labels on what you’re buying, and opt for brands that are lower in sugar. You can also make your own version of many of these foods and control exactly what goes into them.

When cooking, there are a number of ways to sweeten up a recipe without adding processed sugar. Fruits like berries and bananas can add sweetness and flavor, and that even includes dried fruits like dates and raisins.

Applesauce is another useful tool for baking low-sugar treats, just check the label and make sure you get a brand without added sugars.


Stevia is another way to sweeten up recipes or just your morning coffee without adding sugar. It’s plant-based and calorie-free. Just be sure to read the ingredients at the store and make sure that what you’re getting is pure stevia.

Make These Low-Sugar Recipes

Want to try your hand at some low- or no-sugar recipes? Try these treats from the Food Monster App!


Healthy Peanut Butter Pie

This Healthy Peanut Butter Pie gets its sweetness from stevia rather than sugar. It also has tofu and peanut butter for a bit of protein.

Sugar-Free Cheesecake

This Sugar-Free Cheesecake uses fruit and vanilla to get its sweet flavor. It’s also oil-free!

Chocolate Ice Cream

Want to eat some Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert, without all of the sugar? Try this recipe sweetened with stevia.

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