A new UK-based start-up food company called The Meatless Farm, is in the process of debuting their new products. The company with items labeled, “lovingly made from plants,” can be exclusively found in Sainsbury’s stores starting mid-October. The Meatless Farm will carry products like meat-free mince and vegan burger patties.

The introduction of new meat-free food items is coming at just the right time as veganism is slowly becoming more mainstream. In fact, according to research from Innova Market Insights, foods and beverages labeled “vegan” have seen a 45% growth increase. Also, the plant-based industry as a whole is expanding rapidly and by 2020 is expected to bring in 5.2 billion dollars worldwide in revenue.


Founder of The Meatless Farm, Morten Toft Bech, comments that, “We have spent the past two years developing a product that is delicious and unique in its category. We are entering the market at a time when demand is growing and meat-free alternatives are becoming increasingly mainstream. We champion texture and taste, offering an everyday solution for the UK’s 22 million flexitarians who want to enjoy family favorite dishes still but eat a little less meat, alongside catering for vegetarians and vegans who are looking for tasty alternatives.”

In partnership with Sainsbury, The Meatless Farm is investing in marketing strategies to raise consumer awareness and meet customer demands for meat-free products. Not only are their vegan products high in protein, but they are also reasonably priced compared to real meat products. This hopefully will help make meatless items a sensible and attractive choice!

Are you trying to cut back on your meat consumption?

Whether you are a flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan, we’ve got some wonderful recipes filled with plant-based protein that are great meat alternatives. Try some of these recipes from our Food Monster App!

Mushroom Bourguignon

Image Source: Mushroom Bourguignon 


This mushroom bourguignon by Amy Height is not only hearty, savory, and meaty in texture, but it is also affordable and easy to make! Mushrooms are the perfect meat substitute!

Crab Cakes

Image Source: Crab Cakes

You don’t have to give up the taste of seafood entirely with these crab-free crab cakes by Natasha Condie! In lieu of crab, these cakes are made with hearts of palm and seafood seasoning for an authentic taste and texture.

Maple Sriracha Tempeh Bacon BLT

Image Source: Maple Sriracha Tempeh Bacon BLT


This BLT sandwich infused with maple syrup and spicy Sriracha by Jessica DeMarra is a great substitute for people who used to love bacon. The creamy dill mayo takes this already delectable sandwich to the next level.

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Lead Image Source: Elliot Brown/Flickr