PETA has named a Liverpool pub one of the top 10 best places in the UK to get vegan fried chicken.

The Caledonia was named a top spot for UK vegan fried chicken spots, joining restaurants such as Birmingham’s Not Dogs, Edinburgh’s Bread Meats Bread, and London’s Temple of Seitan. The Caledonia is set to receive a framed award for its top 10 ranking.


The pub’s menu, an all-vegan selection of “junk food” by the Cali Vegan Kitchen, includes plant-based burgers and hot dogs, along with its chicken replacement, Chimken. Cali Vegan Kitchen serves Chimken wings and a BLT with Chimken and vegan-friendly bacon.

Cali Vegan Kitchen/Instagram

The plain Chimken wings come in servings of 5 wings for £4.50 and 10 wings for £8. For £.50 more, you can get gravy, ‘hot thinger’ sauce, or cherry cola BBQ sauce on your wings.

The menu also includes vegan-friendly pizza, BBQ pulled jackfruit, breakfast all day, and a kids’ menu with plant-based nuggets, burgers, and sausages. There are also cakes and other plant-based desserts.


“The plant based chicken at The Caledonia delivers huge flavor with zero cruelty,” said Dawn Carr, PETA’s director of vegan corporate projects.

The kitchen posts photos of its Chimken wings along with other “junk food” staples like burgers, chili dogs and veggie bacon on its Instagram page.

The pub also features a community library, as well as a community space for small events.

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Lead image source: Cali Vegan Kitchen/Instagram