It seems like everyone’s talking about juice nowadays. Juice is the new kale and the market keeps growing and growing. Juice has become an occasional grab and go food, or an everyday staple for some. I’m not talking about your average orange juice you find on the supermarket shelves – skip that processed juice with extra sugar and additives and try out a freshly squeezed juice with only plant-based ingredients!

With mega big chains pumping out bottles and bottles of juice, there are plenty of opportunities for you to pick up a nutritious and high-powered juice on the go, especially in New York City. Organic Avenue, Liquiteria, and Juice Generation are long-term juice manufactures in NYC while newer places like Juice Press have skyrocketed within the last year. Whole Foods boasts awesome juice at an inexpensive price compared to its competitors, and some locations even offering made to order ones. Juicing can be an awesome way to detox, and for some that means going on a juice fast.


With juice bars popping up at every corner in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, it’s important to know what juiceries are truly using fresh ingredients and making headlines in the plant-based eating world. Here are 10 must-try juice bars in New York City that you ought to give a try:

1. The Squeeze – Brooklyn, Hells Kitchen, Soho, Meatpacking District

11738072_981183781931897_9087095539495368723_nThe Squeeze Juice/Facebook

Come to The Squeeze for some of the best cold-pressed juice in New York City. Cold press juice is awesome because the nutrients in fruits and vegetables remain intact and contain more essential enzymes. With multiple locations throughout the city, The Squeeze is moving up. Choose your juice based on how your body feels, ranging from a superfood turmeric, ginger and cinnamon juice for healthy skin and blood flow to an antioxidant-rich carrot juice good for boosting your youth. You can also get plant-based goodies there like raw bagels and a “moc n cheese,” or you can give a full juice cleanse a try.

2. Grass Roots Juicery – Williamsburg


11407254_1086917421321898_1958243514984648396_nGrass Roots Juicery/Facebook

A healthy life is a happy life. Grass Roots Juicery in Brooklyn is here for all your health needs in a urban-chic environment. This juice bar promotes healthy eating through cold pressed and freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and various to-go foods. Using organic products and locally sourced produce, Grass Roots is a gem in the Brooklyn community as it has something to offer to everyone. Grab a pitcher of juice and share it with a friend over a tofu scramble or almond butter toast. With a clean and warm atmosphere, Grass Roots is waiting for you with healthy, open arms.

3. Whole Green – West Village

562253_188487334607909_1074182651_nWhole Green NY/Facebook

Want the largest juice at the cheapest price? Come to Whole Green. This hole in the wall store makes fresh 20oz  juices for around just $6. You can customize your own juice, but I recommend their daily special that has carrot, beet, ginger, and apple. Don’t be turned off by the lack of decor here – the array of vegan-friendly food and drinks at a decent price is enough to keep you coming back. Besides juice, they offer kombucha and small to-go snacks and sandwiches.

4. 3 Roots – Greenpoint

3eb7b0_f0eba6beff24918d087dd62538d03a0e.jpg_srb_p_905_602_75_22_0.50_1.20_03 Roots

3 Roots is a colorful juice bar that will fuel your belly and your mind. With funky juice names like “Clockwork Orange” and “Purple Haze,” this juicery has any kind of juice your body needs. All juice is cold pressed and unpasteurized, leaving proper nutrients intact. This juice spot also offers many juice shots including aloe vera, yerba mate, and B12 vitamins, in addition to non-coffee beverages like tea, hot cacao, and cider. 3 Roots is truly rooted in a clean-eating, plant-based lifestyle, making it the perfect stop for all you city slicker Green Monsters.

5. Melvin’s Juice Box – Greenwich Village


Melvin’s Juice Box is a New York City legend. Leading the way with juice nearly 20 years ago, this juicery has perfected tastiness, healthiness and happiness. Melvin’s Juice Box uses only organic ingredients, believing that balanced nutrition goes hand in hand with quality flavors. Try out The Body Good or Immunity Booster to get your health back into shape. This juicery has a diner vibe to it and offers Jamaican food for a sunny atmosphere. Try out one of Melvin’s cleanses and allow your body to regenerate from everyday toxins.

6. Magic Mix Juicery – Financial District

location_02Magic Mix

Magic Mix Juicery thrives on the mission of making healthy eating easy. Pure and simple, this juicery is dedicated to nourishing your body with hearty plant-based juices. Made from scratch, the juices from Magic Mix are raw, kosher, vegan and gluten free. They are also suitable for everyone’s personal needs and you can choose juice with a green, root, water or fruit base. Try out the Green Eyed Candy for a perfect sweet green juice, or the Root Awake for an energizing pick-me-up.

7. Agavi Organic Juice Bar- East Village

10 Must-Try Juice Bars in New York CityAgavi Juice

Voted New York’s most lovable juice bar, Agavi Organic Juice Bar mixes “juice with pleasure.” Beginning with two owners from Queens, what makes this juicery special is that it’s truly focused on healthy eating for happiness. They use only organic ingredients to produce creative juices, protein shakes, acai bowls and raw sweets. Try out the Viridescent or Green Farm juice for unusual green juice ingredients like broccoli, parsley, collards and cilantro.

8. Bush Doctor Juice Bar – Bedford-Stuyvesant


Come to Brooklyn for the family-owned and friendly Bush Doctor Juice Bar. It’s easy to shell out up to $12 for a single juice in New York City, but at this Bed-Stuy juicery you can get nearly three juices for the same price, making juicing affordable. Opt to make your own juice or try something different and ask to keep the pulp in for a juice-smoothie combo. Make sure to give one of their famous ginger beers a shot too! Bush Doctor Juice Bar makes you feel like family while each juice feels personal and special- what more could you ask for?

9. Ginger Organic Juice Bar – Astoria


Ginger Organic Juice Bar is a lovely addition to up-and-coming Astoria, Queens. With beautiful wooden walls and a chic interior, you’re immediately drawn into this comfortable juice bar. You can choose if you want bottled cold press juice or a fresh juice made how you like it. Ginger Organic Juice Bar is the perfect spot for sharing a juice, or better yet sharing a juice cocktail. With fresh watermelon mojitos and strawberry daiquiris, this bar takes juice to the next level. If you’re hungry grab an organic salad, vegan sandwich, or kale chips. If you need to detox, try out one of their juice cleanses!

10. Juicy Cube – Midtown East



Juicy Cube is the ultimate place for a no-frills, quick juice. The menu here is extensive and accessible for juice newbies. Try out the Kale Delight for a green treat and if you’re a bit hesitant about green juice. With sweetness from pineapple and green apple, this juice will ease you into the Whole Greens juice that has kale, romaine, parsley and celery. Juicy Cube also has bubble tea and a variety of plant-based smoothies. Tucked away in Midtown, this juice bar is a hidden getaway in the midst of a fast-paced city.

Juice bars are popping up everywhere in New York City, and this trend is just beginning! These are only 10 juice bars to visit and watch out for. Each one offers something fresh and new to the city, and offers incredible juice to help make you feel good. For more juice ideas, try out these 7 Delicious Juice Recipes if you want to make your own. We would love to hear your opinions – what’s your favorite juice bar, Green Monsters?