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Ayurvedic medicine has utilized turmeric for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant spice. The spice relieves swelling, pain, headaches, and wounds; essentially, it’s a “natural aspirin” because of its antibacterial properties. Turmeric is one of those key ingredients you simply need in any well-stocked, plant-based kitchen. It’s incredibly good for you and is extremely versatile! So, since this spice is amazing and full of health benefits, we should be eating it all the time! To help you find many different ways to eat this spice, we have rounded up ten incredible dishes that turmeric is amazing in! Read on for how to get your turmeric on:

1. Silky in smoothies

This smoothie features the topic of this article, that yellowish orange spice that is turmeric. The spice of concern is accompanied with bananas, mangoes, ginger, grapefruit, and even carrots! If you don’t like this smoothie recipe, then you can always invent your own turmeric spice smoothie — try it with a pumpkin pie like smoothie or in a simple banana based smoothie.


2. Nice in your rice

Turmeric transforms rice with its beautifully subtle flavor and its bright yellow orange color. This recipe retains the integrity of the spice while amplifying it with the addition of tomatoes; plus, it’s an Ayurveda recipe, so it’s easy on your belly! Turmeric can also be used to spice up rice if you add it to the rice while you’re cooking it. You can also just sprinkle some of the spice on your rice like you would with soy sauce or tamari when it’s done cooking.


3. Ridiculous in roast vegetables

Before you stick your vegetables in the oven to roast, you should spice them up! Turmeric is the perfect spice to add to your vegetables because, when you’re done roasting them, they will take on a golden hue and taste incredible. This recipe does just that with red potatoes — adding thyme and our beloved turmeric to the potatoes to shoot their flavor profile through the roof! Try this recipe today!


4. Sublime in soups

Soup is a conglomeration of flavors and turmeric is just one other flavor that takes soup to a whole other level. This Thai carrot soup utilizes the bold flavors of garlic, cumin, coriander, and turmeric to make this soup utterly delicious. Carrot soup isn’t the only soup that lends itself nicely to the flavor of turmeric: you can add turmeric to plain veggie soup, potato soup, and squash soup, whatever soup you want! Turmeric is a versatile spice, so try it in everything!


5. Great with greens

I wasn’t lying about the versatility of turmeric! The spice is delicious with greens too, whether it be kale or spinach! This Cheezy Kale Salad features this amazing spice and trust me, it’s wicked awesome.


6. Scary good in scrambles

Tofu scramble is a healthy way to start the day, but you have to remember our old buddy turmeric! This recipe includes our buddy, as does this one (with an added bonus of nutritional yeast and spinach, oh my!), so we’ve got you covered. You can also just use your normal recipe and reinvent it to include turmeric — that’s always an option!


7. Terrific with tofu

If you’re a tofu fan, there’s nothing bettered than spicing it up with vibrant flavors like turmeric. Try this delicious recipe for lentil-crusted tofu with turmeric spice for a flavorful dish any time of day!


8. Lovely in lentils

Lentils are fabulous little buggers that take on remarkable flavor when cooked with spices like turmeric. This lentil soup raises the bar on what it means to be a good soup, partially because of its inclusion of turmeric. If you spice your lentils or your lentil soup with turmeric, then you will transport your taste buds to another planet.


9. Bam!tastic in veggie burgers

These raw yam burgers (with turmeric, of course) are vegetable only burgers that compete with meat burgers. They are super flavorful and delicious, and you’ll get the added health benefits of turmeric! The next time you’re putting together a vegetable burger, check out this article for help, and don’t forget the turmeric!


10. Kick it up with Kitchari

This delicious Indian dish is vamped up with turmeric. It’s great for you and so comforting! It’s a definite must try.


Turmeric is a fabulous spice that is great for your body and for spicing up  your food. Pick some up today and try these recipes so that you can get the benefits you deserve.

Lead Image Source: Vegetable Lentil Soup

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