If burgers are one thing you find hard to give up as you incorporate more plant-based meals into your life, you’re in for a treat. Forget animal burgers – and say hello to vegan burgers, the best thing to hit your grill yet! Building your own vegan burger doesn’t have to be ridiculously difficult. You just have to know a few simple, easy to remember steps which have been outlined below—you’re welcome!

1. Veggies

You can add many vegetables to your burger mix. They should highlight your burger, considering it is the base and most vital part of a vegan veggie burger. Beets, eggplant, broccoli, kale, spinach, carrots, zucchini, they can all be a part of your perfect burger. All you have to do is grind them up and mold them into a patty with some other ingredients (read on)!


2. Protein

If you are building a vegan burger, the lack of animal meat as a central component should be substituted with mostly vegetables, but you also need to include some plant-strong protein too, so you can feel satiated and stay full! Choose nuts or beans or seeds; it’s up to you really (so, don’t come crying to me if you made a weird combo). If you don’t feel like taking a risk, here is a link to a good mix of veg and protein to make a practically perfect in every way patty!

3. Binder

Binders keep your patty (not cousin Patty, mind you, but the mass you’re going to slap on the grill) from falling apart like a limp noodle. You can use a variety of binders in your burger, but my favorites are sweet potatoes and quinoa. Other starches and grains (wait, isn’t quinoa a grain in disguise?) work wonders too, but I just prefer the deep, savory pleasantness of sweet potatoes and the rustic, umami hints of quinoa in my vegan burgers.

4. Spices

Spices hold a great importance in the making of vegetable burgers. They are the icing on the cake, the summit of the mountain, the enzyme to the reaction, because they add a kick to an otherwise dull patty. Add cumin, turmeric, cayenne, good old salt and pepper, whatever floats your boat. But, don’t go overboard because you’ll saturate the truly wonderful nuances of your unadulterated vegetable and binder mixture. Try to limit your extra seasonings to ½ tablespoons, unless you want to throw in a tablespoon of garlic, that’s fine.

5. Toppings

Toppings can do almost anything for your burger: they add texture, contrast, thereby making your already superb burger better. Forget that tasteless iceberg lettuce, and get some chard on your burger or spinach or some other more exciting green. Try an heirloom tomato on your burger while you’re at it. Also, get some old-fashioned (not made from a machine and laid on a conveyor belt) mustard. Compote? Sure, give that a whirl, too; just be creative!


If you abide by these five steps, then you, my friend, will construct the most delicious vegan burger the world has ever known! Give it a go, and it will be brilliant, I just know it.

Image Source: Hearty Lentil and Brown Rice Burger