Cheese lovers, you know the pleasure of dunking a tortilla chip (or any finger food in sight) into a nice, warm bowl of creamy, cheesy dip. Does adopting a plant-based diet mean giving up this luxury? No! Thanks to star vegan ingredients like cashews and nutritional yeast, anyone can savor a warm, cheese dip without the cheese, butter, or dairy milk. Check out these five ways to make vegan dips for cheese lovers.


  1. Cashews

    Many vegan dishes with a creamy, cheesy texture call for cashews. These little nuts are excellent as a stand-in for the dairy products in sauces or dips, and they are an ideal substitute for making vegan cheese and cheesy dips. Soak cashews for four hours, then blend with water, and you’ve got a vegan choice to use for recipes in place of real cream. Try this cashew cheese, which has a creamy, runny consistency that can work as a dip.

  2. Nutritional Yeast

    If a recipe calls for parmesan cheese, you can use nutritional yeast instead. Nooch is a good source of B12 and helps give a creamy, cheesy taste and consistency to vegan dishes. Use it in this Vegan Hot Corn Dip, then blend in some salsa for a fun nacho dip.

  3. Non-Dairy Milk

    When cooking vegan cheese dips, using almond or soy milk is the best choice over other types of plant-based milks. For example, coconut milk has a sweeter taste which is not the best option for a savor, cheesy dip. Choose unsweetened almond or soy milk, or go for soy cream.

  4. Tofu

    Tofu, especially silken tofu, which is much softer and runnier than firm tofu, can be blended into a cheese-like sauce. In this Indian-inspired spinach dip, use equal parts tofu to spinach (six ounces each) for a creamy consistency.

  5. Butter Beans

    Instead of using cheese, try butter beans. Butter beans can be mashed into a creamy consistency to help achieve a cheesy taste and texture. The beans, along with soy cream, almond milk, nutritional yeast, and tofu, all work together for this spinach ricotta dip.


    Lead image source: Vegan Hot Corn Dip