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1. Quick-Pickled Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Radish Pods

Vegan Quick-Pickled Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Radish Pods

Source: Quick-Pickled Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Radish Pods

Unless you grow your own radish plants at home, you’ve likely never seen the long, thin seed pods that emerge once they start flowering. The crunchy, peppery pods taste like a concentrated radish and can be easily snacked on by the handful. When radish pods are pickled, the sweet and tangy brine mellows out their spice somewhat and turns the radish pods into a zesty topping for sandwiches and tacos! Try out this Quick-Pickled Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Radish Pods by Linda Ly!

2. Boston Cream Doughnut

Vegan Boston Creme

Source: Boston Cream Doughnut

These Boston Cream Doughnut by Ivy are fluffy donuts, filled with sweet vegan vanilla custard, coated with chocolate – how does that sound?


3. Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches With Carrot Apple Slaw

Vegan Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches With Carrot Apple Slaw

Source: Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches With Carrot Apple Slaw

Get ready to meet your new favorite vegan sandwich. These Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches With Carrot Apple Slaw by Robin Browne are drool-worthy. They are filling, with a smokey flavor and a hint of sweetness. These bbq jackfruit sandwiches are accompanied by a yummy carrot + apple slaw. It’s crisp, sweet, and loaded with the good stuff.


4. Coconut Lemongrass Ramen

Vegan Coconut Lemongrass Ramen

Source: Coconut Lemongrass Ramen

A rich, hearty, and flavorful Coconut Lemongrass Ramen by Taavi Moore with coconut milk, lemongrass, and kaffir lime. With notes of lemon-lime, ginger, and star anise.


5. Potatoes Au Gratin

VeganPotato Gratin

Source: Potatoes Au Gratin

This Potatoes Au Gratin by Lenia Patsi is delicious potatoes au gratin with cashew cream and caramelized onions! This is a hearty, wonderful dish, much healthier than the classic.

6. ‘Chicken’ Caesar Salad

Vegan ‘Chicken’ Caesar Salad

Source: ‘Chicken’ Caesar Salad

This vegan  ‘Chicken’ Caesar Salad by Stephanie Davies is a super easy dinner, or light lunch, option when you’re looking for a ‘fast’ food alternative! But don’t worry, even though it’s salad, it’ll definitely fill you up…

7. Barbecue ‘Ribs’

Vegan Barbecue RIbs

Source: Barbecue ‘Ribs’

These Barbecue ‘Ribs’ by Yana Chistyakova are a work of genius. A combination of textured vegetable protein and vital wheat gluten, they nail the flavor and texture perfectly. They’re meaty, savory, and absolutely amazing when coated in the homemade barbecue sauce. One bite and they’ll become one of your barbecue essentials.


8. Braised Seitan Short Ribs in Spicy Chili Sauce

Vegan Braised Seitan Short Ribs in Spicy Chili Sauce

Source: Braised Seitan Short Ribs in Spicy Chili Sauce

After braising in the spicy chili sauce, these Braised Seitan Short Ribs in Spicy Chili Sauce by Rhea Parsons will be tender to the point of almost falling apart. While this recipe has a long list of ingredients, don’t worry! It’s not too complicated. Just full of flavor! These vegan seitan ribs are rich, buttery, and perfectly seasoned. Serve them over mashed potatoes for a smooth and creamy base. Bring them to your next family dinner night––they’re sure to impress. These vegan seitan ribs are comforting, warm, and super satisfying.

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