Baklava is typically made with dairy and honey, but it’s extremely simple to make your own homemade vegan version with one of these baklava recipes from the Food Monster App! Depending on the region, baklava can be made with pistachios, almonds, walnuts, or hazelnuts. Some of these baklava recipes are true to the original while others add unconventional ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate, and apple. You can even make baklava cheesecake!

1. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Baklava

chocolate peanut butter baklava

Source: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Baklava


This Chocolate and Peanut Butter Baklava by Gabriela Lupu is so delicious and sweet. The best part is, you only need 3 ingredients! Spread peanut butter and vegan Nutella on phyllo dough, layer it, roll everything up, and bake! It’s that simple. This a great dessert to make with kids because it’s simple and what kid doesn’t love peanut butter and Nutella? To get it very crispy I used olive oil only to brush the dessert at the end. Serve it on it’s own or with a glass of plant-based milk. This peanut butter chocolate baklava is the perfect holiday dessert.

2. Maple Baklava Cheesecake

maple baklava cheesecake

Source: Maple Baklava Cheesecake

A truly decadent dessert; this middle eastern pastry is known for its richness. Flaky layers of Phllyo dough packed with nuts and the signature syrup drenching every morsel in this Maple Baklava Cheesecake by Gretchen Price.

3. Easy Baklava

Easy Vegan Baklava with orange

Source: Easy Baklava


Nothing says “fancy” like baklava, a pastry normally made from layers of flaky filo pastry, walnuts, butter, and honey. Instead of the honey and butter, this easy Easy Baklava by Michael and Masa Ofei uses macadamia oil and a richly sweet syrup made from coconuts. The contrast between the flaky pastry, crunchy walnuts, and sticky-sweet syrup is simply amazing — and you can make the whole thing with only six ingredients!

4. No-Bake Baklava Bars

3 Step Paleo Baklava Bars 2

Source: No-Bake Baklava Bars


There’s nothing better than when you can make something that tastes like dessert but is actually nutritious! These paleo No-Bake Baklava Bars by Lindsay Cotter are packed full of sweet nutty flavor and healthy fats. They are made with wholesome ingredients like hazelnuts, walnuts, almond meal, raw tahini, and coconut flour. These bars fill a tray, so if you’re looking for a dessert to bring to a potluck, look no further.

5. Baklava Tartlets

Baklava Tartlets 2

Source: Baklava Tartlets


When you have mini filo shells, there is only one logical thing to do: make these Baklava Tartlets by Kristen Genton! These babies are filled with pistachio and walnut bits, sweet agave nectar, and a touch of cinnamon. Careful though! These are addicting!

6. Apple Baklava

Apple Baklava

Source: Apple Baklava

This raw Apple Baklava by Lena Ksanti recreates the classic recipe using only plant-based ingredients. Apple chips are layered with a date and walnut paste, drizzled with a creamy vanilla sauce, and topped with chopped pistachios. This dessert is truly out of this world.

7. Baklava Saragli

baklava sargali

Source: Baklava Saragli

In this recipe for Baklava Saragli by Kiki Vagianos, baklava is served in a rolled form – saragli, rather than layered in a pan. If you want to get fancy with this recipe, you can twist the rolls into a round cake pan for strifti or coiled baklava. Rolled or coiled, this sweet treat is as lovely as it is delicious!

 8. Raw Baklava Cheesecake

Raw Baklava Cheesecake

Source: Raw Baklava Cheesecake


Inspired by the famous dessert from the Ottoman Empire, this smooth, creamy baklava cashew cheesecake sits on a crunchy, cinnamon-spiced crust. The best part about this Raw Baklava Cheesecake by Dani Venn is that, even though it’s one of the most impressive things you’ll ever taste or see, it’s incredibly easy to make. You need only use your food processor twice — once for the crust and again for the base.

9. Baklava for Beginners

Baklava for Beginners [Vegan]

Source: Baklava for Beginners

Anyone, regardless of their Greek cooking experience, can make this Baklava for Beginners by Kiki Vagianos perfectly every time! No unwieldy sheets of filo dough to manage, just a few flavor packed ingredients and all ready in less than 30 minutes with this infinitely scalable recipe – win, win, win, win (you get the idea!)

10. Stout Choklava

Stout Choklava [Vegan]

Source: Stout Choklava

Lastly, how about chocolate baklava! This Stout Choklava by Aileen Metcalf is a delicious, chocolate-glazed version of the desert that will surprise and delight.

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