Marzipan is a decadent, rich almond flavored confection used in a variety of dessert dishes, all of which are unique and delicious! We recommend tackling any one of these marzipan recipes from our Food Monster App as the Christmas season approaches but also bookmark them for later!

1. Mazapán de Cacahuate: Mexican Peanut Marzipan 

Source: Mazapán de Cacahuate


Mazapán de Cacahuate, or peanut marzipan, by Azucena Noriega is a typical sweet emblematic of Mexican culture. Like many other traditional dishes from Mexican cuisine, it has a Spanish influence. In Mexico, you can find peanut marzipan throughout the year and at any store, but it is super-easy to make, requiring only peanuts, sugar, and a good food processor. These delightful sweets will brighten up any dessert table.

2. Chocolate Marzipan Bars 

These Chocolate Marzipan Bars by Deniz Kilic are creamy and delicious. They may not be the healthiest treat, but they are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Plus, they are super simple to make!

3. Marzipan and Butterscotch Ice Cream Sundae 

 Source: Butterscotch and Marzipan Ice Cream Sundae

I was going to call this Sex In a Bowl but that would’ve been NSFW. Anyways, that’s what it SHOULD be called. It’s… unreal. It’s… perfection. It’s… heaven. I very seriously think to myself: as long as I have a life supply of this, everything is okay. You will understand once you make it. One of the best parts of this three ingredient recipe (besides the fact that it’s mouthgasmic and yes, has only three ingredients) is that it’s really good for you! The only ingredients – drum roll, please – are frozen bananas to make the ice cream, almond butter for the marzipan, and carob syrup for the butterscotch. The world is too good to us. This Butterscotch and Marzipan Ice Cream Sundae by Emily von Euw is so good!


4. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Marzipan Filling 

 Source: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Marzipan Filling

This decadent Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Marzipan Filling by Emily von Euw is chocolatey inside and out, and topped with extra chocolate frosting. Try it with some marzipan frosting for a flavor burst.

5. Apple Marzipan Galette 

These rustic, free form Apple Marzipan Galette Tarts by Natasha Minocha are a breeze to make. They are awesome with any fruit of your choice or even with vegetables! You can make them as fancy as you like or keep them absolutely simple. Like with this recipe, if you don’t want to bother with marzipan, just apples tossed with a bit of cinnamon powder, maybe some brown sugar would be fabulous.

6. Chai Marzipan Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Glaze

Bit of a mouthful there eh? Here we are combining three of everyone’s favorite things: chai, marzipan and cinnamon rolls. These Chai Marzipan Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Glaze by Sarah Pether are one of the most delicious desserts!


7. Polenta Poppyseed Cake with Marzipan Filling 

This Polenta Poppyseed Cake with Marzipan Filling by Philipp Ertl is perfect for the holidays. Light and sweet, it’s made from polenta combined with flour and speckled with poppy seeds. The marzipan cover encases this wake wonderfully, keeps it moist, and adds another layer of yumminess. Garnish with orange zest for additional flavor!

8. Dark Chocolate Marzipan Nougat 

Inspired by Spanish Christmas sweets, dark chocolate, and almond nougat are a match made in heaven in this delicious recipe. This amazing Dark Chocolate Marzipan Nougat by Gemma Gonzalez will melt in your mouth with rich, sweet nutty flavor. Customize it with whatever toppings you prefer to make your own version! Surprisingly simple to make, this dessert is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party or any occasion.


9. Marzipan Maca Hibiscus Cups 

These Marzipan Maca Hibiscus Cups by Stephanie Rafnson are utterly delightful and so simple to make. The marzipan filling is made by blending blanched almonds with coconut sugar, almond extract, and a pinch of maca. They have a perfectly balanced flavor with a subtle sweetness to them. The maca adds a wonderful lift to your energy while the hibiscus adds a tangy citrus quality that also provides antioxidants.

 10. Matcha, Pistachio and Chocolate Marzipan Bars 

Marzipan may sound fancy, but this recipe makes this high-class treat incredibly easy. The matcha and pistachios are combined to make a smooth, nutty marzipan which is complemented by the decadent dark chocolate shell. These tasty Matcha, Pistachio and Chocolate Marzipan Bars by Marie Reginato are perfect for a sweet treat or a full dessert.

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