Are you in the mood for a dose of extreme cuteness, Green Monsters? If so, brace yourselves! The sweet image below – uploaded by Imgur user wolfy5981 – shows what happened when a happy baby approached his canine friend and decided to plant a few kisses on his nose. Now, if the dog in question – a large Pit Bull – had been somewhat annoyed about being woken from his nap, he could have been forgiven for that. After all, he could have been dreaming of scrumptious meals, or doggie treats, or fun walks on the beach

However, the dog was more than willing to join in the cuddlefest, and kissed the little child right back!


Your heart is bound to melt when you read the imagined conversation between the two: “I love you, giant fur beast,” followed by, “I love you too, tiny human.” It just goes to show that in spite of the ingrained fears and prejudices many people still hold about Pit Bulls, these dogs are a lot more sweet and cuddly than we give them credit for.

A number of U.S. states have enacted draconian Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), meaning that even the most loving, protective family pets can be forcibly removed from their families, simply for being Pit Bulls. Luckily, however, this type of legislation is on the wane throughout the U.S., as more and more people are beginning to understand that it is not a dog’s breed that defines whether or not they will grow up to become violent, but the quality of love, care, training, and socialization they receive in their early years.

It looks like the dog in the above image received all the love that he needed, as he is obviously head over heels in love with the baby hooman of the house! While it is always important to supervise small children when they are interacting with animals, even pets, it seems like this pair is in good hands. Let’s hope they get to enjoy many more years of cuddles and playtime together.

Lead Image Source: Becky Stern/Flickr

In-text Image Source: wolfy5981/Imgur