Yes, you read that title right. It looks like Pinky the cat has had far more than nine lives in her lifetime, because she’s cheated death around three times, beating out most other cats. She could be the oldest rescue cat around!

Look at this gorgeous kitty!

Pinky was born in July 1986 and has lived with guardians, Ann and Bob Higginbottom, since she was a kitten, when they rescued her after she was born on a farm.

They found proof that their beloved feline is indeed 28 years old in their documentation of early pet visits.


Mrs Higginbottom said to The Daily Mail that Pinky is, “amazing really, completely deaf now as is to be expected, but her eyesight is still as sharp as ever. She is turning into an old lady now, she likes to sit by our Koi pond and just watch them as they swim about. She isn’t interested in catching them any more, just likes to watch them.”



Pinky still has some more years to go before she breaks an historical record. According to Guinness World Records, the oldest cat to ever live died in August 2005 in Texas, USA, at 38 years old.

Images’ source: Daily Mail