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Ever been tempted to curl up with your furry friend and take a nap? Who are we kidding, this happens all the time and we all know it. They’re just so soft and warm and sweet, it’s kind of impossible not to take advantage of some quality snuggle time when you need to grab 20 winks.

Apparently, this compulsion isn’t relegated only to humans. As it turns out, pet friends enjoy snuggling with each other just as much as we enjoy snuggling them. Or, in the case of these cat-napping cuties, they enjoy snuggling on each other. Some animals like the couch, some like a warm spot by the window-these characters prefer cozying up on their roommate. We can practically hear their pet parents now, “Wow, 50 bucks on a pet bed and Gertie is sleeping on Spot.”

The lamentations would be tongue-in-cheek of course, I mean, c’mon-this is adorable and a perfect demonstration of the affectionate nature of animals. They have the same rich emotional lives, the same needs for connection and companionship that we do. That’s why we love pictures of animal friends like these! That, and the fact that they’re just too hilarious.


“I’m gonna say that he’s at least 10,000 thread count.”


“Hank, you provide excellent lumbar support…should we say labra-bar support? Whatever, you’re comfy, dude.”


“Way to hog all of the soft rump space Brenda, I’m practically falling off the face over here.”


“My chiropractor said I should start sleeping with a body pillow. You’ll do.”


“Mom, I’m sorry I know you’re calling me right now but I can’t get up, Angela’s zonked out. Where? On my entire body.”

We Rule The Internet

“You know what guys, I realize that you’re upset, but I clearly remember calling shotgun. Get a little quicker if you don’t wanna sleep on the floor next time, m’kay?”

Daily Mail

“Just a little Pit-Bull stop before my afternoon plans of cackling at birds and flicking my tail condescendingly.”

Iz I Smile

“Sunny spot, check. Basset hound, check. This is going to be the best nap ever.”

Stuff On My Mutt

“How do you like it, Tina?-Actually this is super cozy, night-night.”

Cute Stuff

“You wanna just hang around for awhile?”

Tot Farm

“Nah, I don’t mind that he sleeps up there. He keeps my head warm. He’s like a hat…a cat hat.”

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