24 hours of reality live streaming

Al Gore has a new multimedia presentation and he is pulling no stops to spread it across the world.

The Climate Reality Project‘s 24 Hours of Reality Event launches today. It will feature 24 Presenters across 24 Time Zones in 13 Languages, with 1 goal… to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. Al Gore’s presentation will be delivered once per hour for 24 hours.


According to the Climate Reality Project’s website “We will offer a round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time. The deniers may have millions of dollars to spend, but we have a powerful advantage. We have reality.”

The live event kicks off tonight in Mexico City (U.S.times are 7 pm CT/10 pm ET) and will move on to places around the world including Tonga, Cape Verde, Alaska, Jakarta, before concluding at 7 pm on September 15th in New York City.

Watch the Live stream below!

Streaming video by Ustream