Plant-based eatery Firefly Café in Boyertown, Pennslyvania, just an hour outside of Philadelphia, serves up yummy eats such as tofu scramble and vegan “pulled pork” sandwiches and has been a favorite in the small town ever since opening in 2016. But now, Firefly Café is taking their game to the next level: this September they will be opening a vegan grocery store!

Loriann Wade and Michael Martinez, the husband and wife duo behind Firefly Café, say that the grocery store will carry items such as vegan cheeses, meat alternatives, gluten and soy-free options, and frozen foods. Not only that, but the store will also offer household items such as cruelty-free cleaning supplies. Wade described the store as a “vegan general store.”

Seeing as this is the first all-vegan grocery store in Pennsylvania, we can’t wait to check it out! 


With news breaking earlier this year of the opening of The Cruelty Free Shop, the world’s largest cruelty-free shop in Melbourne, Australia which offers 3,500 vegan products and 1,000 new items, as well as London opening its first all-vegan store, it’s clear that consumers are demanding healthy, environmentally friendly alternatives.

Are we jealous? You bet. But let’s be honest, New York isn’t so bad in terms of vegan markets, either. At Riverdel, you’ll be overwhelmed, in a good way, by how many different brands of vegan cheese they carry. At Haymaker’s Corner Store you can pick up classic deli slices just like you would at the deli counter at the local grocery store – and Orchard Grocer serves NYC Jewish deli classics and vegan soft serve.

Just goes to show, the future of food is certainly plant-based!

All image source: Firefly Café and Outpost/Facebook