Is it just us, or does it feel like vegan grocery stores are cropping up everywhere? Last month, The Cruelty Free Shop, the world’s largest vegan grocery store, opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia. With over 3,500 products stocked, including different 50 kinds of vegan cheese, you can be that we were very jealous of our Australian friends. Well, now, we have another reason to be envious of all the vegan goodies that are ending up in somebody’s shopping basket because today, GreenBay, London’s first vegan supermarket, opened for business.

According to their website, “every product that we stock is completely free of animal products and derivatives, including our cosmetic, cleaning, and personal care range — which are never tested on animals.” So, not only will customers be able to stop by to pick up their weekly groceries, they’ll also be able to shop for other cruelty-free products without having to read the label. Not only will they feature well-known staples from companies like Follow Your Heart and Tofurky, they’ll also feature a wide range of vegan products from British brands that might be hard to find in the United States, like Alpro — good thing they also ship internationally.


Although Veganz, the world’s first all-vegan grocery chain, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, it seems like there’s still a customer base for all-vegan grocery stores. In NYC, you can stop by Orchard Grocer (and pick up a pair of cruelty-free shoes from MooShoes next door). Or, you can take a trip to Brooklyn and browse vegan cheese at Riverdel or pick up groceries and deli slices at Haymaker’s Corner. If you’re in Melbourne, stop on by The Cruelty Free Shop. And now, if you’re in London, you can browse vegan selections at GreenBay. If you want to stop by, you can find them at 228 North End Road in London’s West Kensington neighborhood.

Lead image source: GreenBay London/Facebook