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Bali and Kali are the newest calves at Wishing Well Sanctuary. Like many calves, all they have known of life until now has been the cruelty of the food industry. Male calves who are born into the dairy industry are quickly deemed useless, ripped apart from their mothers, and forced down the heartbreaking path towards becoming veal. The beautiful creatures are kept in tiny crates where they can barely move, an intentional move by the meat industry to prevent them from developing muscle and in turn, ensuring that their meat remains “tender.”

Luckily for these two, they were able to evade this terrible fate! Bali and Kai were due for slaughter but were rescued just in time by Wishing Well Sanctuary. Now they get to frolic in the sun and play, a pleasure cruelly denied to them their whole lives.  Seeing them zoom around the sanctuary really puts a smile on our faces! We hope one day all calves, and animals for that matter, are granted the same delight. Goodness knows they deserve it. To learn more about the Wishing Well Sanctuary and the work they do to help animals, visit their website.