In this video, we see baby calves licking each other’s faces. While that component can be perceived as incredibly adorable, it’s also downright heartbreaking. We can see right before our eyes how emotional and loving these animals are, yet they are locked up in stalls like prisoners.

These sweet calves are tragically destined to become veal. When male cows are born into the dairy industry, they are considered “waste” because they cannot produce milk, so they’re sent to the veal industry only moments after birth.  They’re then put in crates like the ones in this video, isolated from their mothers and deprived of all care. These holding stalls are designed to severely limit their movement so that they don’t develop any “unnecessary” muscle mass, that would make their meat tough. Everything about this industry is rife with suffering.


In spite of the cruel reality that these calves face, we can see in plain sight how these emotional beings will stop at nothing to show love and affection to their fellow calves. But there is also desperation behind their actions – without their mothers, they’re seeking nourishment and attention from others. This video may be difficult to watch, but it is a poignant reminder of the cost of our food choices.