When his 13 year old dog was searching for a cool place to lay down, this pet parent did the nicest thing possible. With a great idea and some seriously mad some skills, he came up with a plan to make an air-conditioned bed for his favorite girl. The hammock-like bed not only is easy on his pup’s body, but it cools her tummy about ten degrees, making those summer days way more pleasant. A matching version for people sounds like a great idea, too.

Here are the seven steps for those of you willing to take on this type of project. You have a few months to work on it before it’s going to be necessary, so it is the perfect time to get started. Your pup will definitely appreciate your dedication!


1. You’re going to need a 1×6 board, and some PVC piping to create the first side. Cut holes in the board so the piping fits in nice and snug, like your pup will be when you’re done with this project.

2. “[I] Took an old PC power supply and mounted to the frame, then added the fans to the inside of the air inlet,” said the creator of this crazy bed. We’re impressed at his skills and knowledge, for sure!

3. Here you see the completed frame, with power supply, fans and the cooling ducts all in place.

4. This mastermind dog-bed-mechanic then wrapped the duct around another side of the bed. He drilled holes in the wood to zip tie this portion of the cooling duct to the frame. Have we lost you yet?

5. Next step is to stretch the fabric you choose really tightly over the frame and secure it with fabric fasteners. He warns “Staples won’t work. Don’t even try. Use the fasteners.”

6. Now you place frozen water bottles at the two locations shown in your cooling ducts. The fans draw the cold from the bottles up, and blast the puppy sleeping spot with wonderful, cool air.

7. If you made it this far, congrats! This is not the easiest project in the world. Now, sit back and watch your pup enjoy your craftsmanship. 


All image source: JadaNeedsADoggie/Reddit