It goes without saying that everyone loves puppies. They’re energetic and adorable, but they are hardly the only dogs who are in need of loving homes. In the U.S. there are around eight million animals waiting to be adopted in shelters. You can find dogs and cats of all ages in shelters, but older dogs tend to have a harder time finding a forever home. Whether potential adopters subscribe to the idea that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” or they’re simply distracted by the wriggling puppies in the kennel next door, senior dogs are often overlooked.

While there are many incredible firsts that come with adopting a puppy, there are also many, many wonderful memories that can come from adopting a senior dog. Helping senior dogs find forever homes has become the passion of photographer, Lori Fusaro after she adopted a 16 year old Pit Bull. Fusaro came across Sunny in a shelter and was hit by how dejected and sad she looked. The sight of this older dog compelled Fusaro to adopt her and she has been a part of their family ever since!

Using the power of social media, Fusaro launched a Facebook page called “My Old Dog,” where she would post photos of senior dogs who are up for adoption. 

As Fusaro says, “Love doesn’t keep track of years.”

Once Sunny was settled in her new forever home, she came to life again. Fusaro describes her as, “an Energizer bunny powered by love.”

Sunny lived out her final days in the best manner possible and Fusaro was compelled to help other dogs have a similar experience.

Before starting this project, Fusaro could not understand how a pet guardian could abandon their beloved pet in a shelter, especially in their senior years.

But the more she worked with shelters and rescue organizations, the more she began to understand the pain and hardship guardians who have to give up their best friends experience.

Perhaps knowing this motivates Fusaro even more to spread the word about senior dogs in need.

Fusaro has also published a photo book containing all of the images of the dogs she has worked with.

By sharing these pictures that are so full of life and happiness, Fusaro is helping to change the way people think about senior dogs. They might be a little older, but they love just the same.

To learn more about the work of Lori Fusaro check out the My Old Dog Facebook page.

All image source: Fusaro Photography