Once you hear the astounding story of sweet Amaze-Bobb – a two-legged toy poodle who endured ten painful years on the streets of Los Angeles, Cal., before being found by The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control – we can guarantee that you will be struggling to hold back the tears. When he was found, this brave pooch’s fur had become so filthy and matted that his face could not be seen, but it was evident that he required urgent medical attention. His caretakers immediately sent him to Synergy Animal Rescue in San Diego, so veterinarians could begin the arduous process of nursing him back to health.

Amaze-Bobb’s severely matted fur had to be shaved off.

Once his hair was removed, the true, shocking extent of Amaze-Bobb’s condition became clear. His rear left leg simply came off – it had self-amputated from the rest of his body as a result of his tightly matted fur. His now guardian, Meg Lundberg, said, “He had been owned by homeless people who hadn’t ever groomed him (we don’t know much about them, but we hope they are getting help too). Normally poodles need grooming every four to six weeks and this dog had gone ten years without a haircut.” Amaze-Bobb lost his front right leg just above his paw and his back left leg just below his knee. Most of his teeth had to be removed too, as they were rotting.


Doesn’t the sadness in his eyes just break your heart?



Lundberg first heard of him through an email that was sent to her by Synergy that detailed his plight. She and her husband immediately told the rescue director, named Carla, that they wanted to foster him. Two days later, Amaze-Bobb arrived at their home … and it didn’t take long for the pair to fall head over heels in love with him.

In spite of the pain that he had endured, Amaze-Bobb’s loving, resilient spirit shone through.

He soon got used to chilling out in the garden…

… and playing with Lundberg’s other dogs. Judging by this picture, he was not about to let his missing legs prevent him from enjoying life – and friendship – to the full!

However, Lundberg and her husband were planning to move to Colorado, and feared that they would not be able to keep him.




The couple decided to give Amaze-Bobb back to Carla until they could work out their travel plans and determine what the best thing to do would be. They had fallen so hard for the beautiful boy that they could not stand the idea of leaving him behind. Lundberg said, “We visited (Carla) a few times and talked to her about how we wished we could adopt him. She said we’d work something out, and the excitement began. Carla kept Bobb during our moving process and settling in. During that time with her, Bobb continued to heal and recover.”

“He visited people with special needs to spread his message of strength, love, compassion, and understanding,” she added.

Everyone he met was captivated by his loving qualities.

He also, unfortunately, had a serious health scare during the time he spent with Carla, and became very ill with an abscess.

But the irrepressible pooch had no intention of giving up on life just yet! Lundberg said, “thankfully he is a fighter and refused to give in. He made a full recovery, though he did lose even more of his teeth.”

Amaze-Bobb’s travel date was pushed back by a couple of weeks – to allow him adequate time to recover – before Carla flew with him from San Diego to Denver.

He remembered Lundberg and her husband and was thrilled to see them. Carla said her goodbyes and handed him over to his new guardians.

He was also delighted to be reunited with his husky friends, Kaytu and Denali!

The plucky canine now lives a wonderful, happy life with his forever family.




We are so pleased that such kind people and dedicated sanctuary workers were able to give this pup a whole new life! Synergy’s motto is, “Love to the forgotten, comfort to the sick, care for the blind, deaf, and dying.” A sentiment that we could all stand to learn from.

To learn more about Synergy’s work, visit their website or Facebook page. And to keep up with Amaze-Bobb’s many adventures as an awesome two-legged dynamo dog, follow his Facebook page.


Lead Image Source: Amaze-Bobb/Facebook

In-text Image Source: Bored Panda