Coconut the dog was rescued from a horrific puppy mill by the ASPCA. When her rescuers first found her, she was covered with filth and petrified of humans. After years of abuse and neglect in a puppy factory, Coconut only associated humans with her current state of suffering.

The sad reality is that dogs who are sold in pet stores and by some breeders come from conditions like the Coconut experienced. These animals are bred by the hundred and treated like machines, meant to simply churn out more puppies for sale. They are never afforded the basic care that they need and most never get to escape these conditions.

Coconut, however, is one of the lucky dogs who was rescued from this fate thanks to the ASPCA. Like many former puppy mill dogs, Coconut was traumatized and in no shape to interact with others, let alone be put up for adoption.

With the help of the ASPCA’s rehabilitation program, Coconut goes from a terrified, defensive dog to a loving, sweet pup. It’s truly amazing how with a little care and patience, Coconut’s life changed completely.

Enjoy your forever home, Coconut!