Alongside dogs and cats, rabbits are common household animal companions who are cherished and loved for their quirky behaviors and cute looks, but sadly, most rabbits in the world are not treated like sentient beings who feel pain and emotions. Rabbits are most commonly exploited by humans in laboratories for disturbingly cruel and merciless experiments, particularly for the cosmetics industry.

The issue of rabbits being tested on for cosmetics has been a decades-long struggle in the realm of animal rights, and thankfully many cosmetics brands, like The Body Shop and Kat Von D, have taken a public stance against animal testing. NARS was once a brand that conscientious consumers trusted to not conduct animal experiments, and many people purchased their products because they claimed they do not test on animals. However, NARS has recently gone against this moral stance for the sake of profit by agreeing to conduct animal experiments so they can sell in China, where animal tests for cosmetics are required by the law.

There are many alternatives to cruel and unnecessary animal tests, and China may make steps toward ending this law if companies like NARS refuse to sell there. Those who once supported NARS now feel tricked into supporting a brand that does not actually live up to what it claims and a petition has been written on Care2 to tell NARS to stop exchanging morals for profit.

Please take a moment to sign the petition and tell NARS you are one more consumer who will no longer be supporting their brand if they conduct animal tests.

There is great power in public opinion, so please remember to share this with your friends and family and tell them to get on board with this petition!

Image Source: Pixabay