Callie the Pit Bull/Catahoula mix puppy came into her forever family’s life in a rather unusual way. Some cruel human abandoned the poor pup and tied her to the fence outside of a stranger’s house. Luckily, the family who lived in this house was composed of two compassionate dog lovers and their newborn baby.

Seeing Callie as a wonderful addition to their new little family, she was welcomed in and has been a fantastic addition to their home ever since. In this video, both Callie and the little baby boy are three months old. At this age, both human and dog babies spend the majority of their days sleeping and eating, so they each have the perfect companion to wile away the days with.


Watching Callie snuggle up with her brother as if she fits right into the family is sure to warm your heart. We can only imagine the wonderful friendship they will share as they both grow up. Enjoy your lives, little ones!