Every year, bears in Asia are taken captive by the bear bile industry. Bear bile, which is the gallbladder fluid, is used in traditional Asian medicine to treat a variety of diseases in humans, in addition to many other bizarre uses. However, extracting the bile is an extremely painful and cruel process for the bear. Bears used in this industry are kept in tiny crush cages that keep them from moving when sharp catheters are inserted to extract their bile fluid. These animals spend their entire lives in pain and fear, despite the fact that there are synthetic alternatives available that don’t require this sort of suffering.

And sadly, the bile industry isn’t the only threat that bears face – habitat loss is causing bears to lose their precious homes, due to palm oil plantations and the illegal logging industry. Without their natural habitats, bears are left without a place to thrive and acquire basic necessities needed for survival.


Luckily, some bears have been rescued from such a miserable fate. Take, for instance, this happy sun bear, Kaw Wao! This sweet bear is living at Wildlife Friends Foundation sanctuary in Thailand where she will never have to fear being exploited in the bile industry or losing her home to human industry. Instead, she is learning the simple pleasures of life – like how to climb a tree. From the looks of it, this is exactly the sort of life she was born to enjoy.

Doesn’t this smile just warm your heart.

The look on her face is absolutely priceless. She’s so happy! And you know what would make Kaw Wao even happier (and us, too)? If she knew that she and her bear friends could live out theirs lives free from human exploitation.

Together, we can make ensure a happy future for Kaw Wao – making sure she has every opportunity to reach news heights! That means ending this barbaric industry once and for all.  Share this article to inform your friends and family about the cruelty of the bile industry – they might not even know it exists!


To find out more about the bear bile industry and how you can help, visit Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand’s website. Consider making a donation so Kaw Wao can continue to receive love and attention from her caretakers!

All Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook