A dog in Taiwan has been given a second chance at life thanks to a bitumen factory worker who called Hsu Wen-liang, co-founder of Hsu Animal Sanctuary. The poor dog, now named Shan Fu, meaning “kind and fortunate,” was found completely covered in tar and near death.

It is believed that Shan Fu wandered into the factory and got himself stuck – preventing him from being able to move or find food and water. When he was finally discovered, he was in an understandably distressed state.


Upon arrival, Mr. Hsu carefully picked up the dog using a blanket and transported him back to the shelter where volunteers began the tedious job of removing the asphalt. Using baby oil, olive oil, and flour, the volunteers worked for hours to free Shan Fu. The kind volunteers also provided the dog with water and vitamins through a syringe.

We hope Shan Fu is resting and makes a full recovery. We can only imagine how scary this ordeal must have been. Thank you to the compassionate people who came together to make a difference for this sweet boy. They were beyond kind and he most certainly was fortunate.