Some animal rescue stories are more traumatic than others, and this heart-wrenching rescue of a severely injured dog was possible thanks to the selfless team members of Guardians of the Voiceless in Patiala, India.

This lovely dog, who rescuers named Lucky, was found in a field after a farmer accidentally cut off his leg while tending to crops. The farmer immediately called Guardians of the Voiceless to save the poor dog.

Lucky was given necessary veterinary care for his open wounds and injuries, and thankfully, the operation to fix the bone on his shoulder went well!


This sweet pooch is now on his road to recovery and is being cared for by a foster father. We hope little Lucky finds a forever home soon!


If you are touched by Lucky’s story and would like to contribute to his and other innocent animals’ rehabilitation and recovery, you can make a donation to Guardians of the Voiceless here.

Lucky’s story is an example of what good people can do to change the world around them. His tale is also a reminder why it is always so important to adopt, and not shop. Numerous homeless animals fill up rescues and shelters daily, and many will be euthanized (over two million animals are killed annually in the U.S. alone) for no reason other than lack of space at the facilities. Even if you cannot adopt, fostering a rescued animal will directly save a life while also opening up shelter space for another rescued animal. Lucky’s recovery would not be possible without the care and dedication of his foster father. To learn more about how you can become involved in fostering animals, you can visit here.

And please remember to share this rescue story with your friends and family to increase support for Lucky and spread the message of the importance of adoption.


All Image Source: Guardians of the Voiceless/Facebook