If you’re an animal lover, this heartbreaking story will definitely tug at your heartstrings. Why are dogs called man’s best friend? Because they love us unconditionally and all they ask in return is to be simply loved back.

Clark, anew resident at the Blakely Animal Shelter spends his days hanging his head in defeat knowing someone didn’t love him. This poor baby was abandoned in a dumpster behind an elementary school during Spring Break. Thankfully, a teacher showed up and discovered the dog. She named him Clark after Superman.

The shelter can be a very scary place for an animal – it’s filled with strange smells and sounds, and often times abandoned animals don’t trust humans very much.

Debbie, a volunteer with Friends of Blakely Animal Shelter, has been sharing videos of this sweetie in the hopes that someone will swoop in and take him to a place that’s better equipped to care for him. The shelter is looking for a rescue specialized in handling traumatized dogs to take him in so he can get the proper rehabilitation needed to become a more happy and adoptable dog. The good news, however, is that in a second video posted by Debbie, Clark did make some eye contact and gave half a tail wag … so there is a spark of hope! Clearly, this precious boy needs and wants some serious love.

We look forward to seeing Clark truly transform into the Super Dog we know he is and receiving all the love and care he deserves.

If you know anything about who may have put this innocent dog in a dumpster please message Debbie here, your information will be kept confidential. To learn more about Blakely Animal Shelter or to make a donation, click here.