The stray animal situation in the U.S. is daunting. There are around 70 million homeless animals living in the U.S. and tragically, over 60 percent of stray dogs and 70 percent of stray cats end up being put down due to lack of funds or space to care for them.

Keep in mind that those numbers take the entire stray population into account including healthy animals.  If we focus on animals with special needs, behavioral problems from abuse, or physical deformities, the euthanasia rate spikes to 80 to 90 percent.

Luckily, animals groups like TAAG, the Transylvania Animal Alliance Group, are doing their very best to help this situation and save animals. They see to it that animals receive the love and care they need as well as the justice they deserve by educating people on responsible pet ownership and rehabilitating sickly animals, like Clark Kent … the super cat!

Meet Clark Kent, the super cat!


Clark is was a stray living on the streets of North Carolina, struggling to survive after he was rendered paraplegic in an animal attack. When TAAG took him in, his lack of mobility caused him to be underweight and scraggly. Thankfully, Clark’s foster mom came up with the bright idea to give him a cool cart so he could get around. Since then, Clark’s been true to his namesake and has been flying around getting into all sorts of shenanigans.

Clark Kent was named after superman’s alter ego. We’d say he’s living up to his namesake outstandingly!


Clark will probably need to have his legs amputated eventually due to the extent of his condition, but that’s not such a bad thing. There are plenty of animals with two legs who are absolutely thriving!


Organizations like TAAG need our help if they’re to achieve their dream of ending animal homelessness and suffering. If you have the time, volunteer (it also looks great on a resume) and if you don’t then consider making a donation of toys, food, or money. Every little bit helps! And remember – adopt, don’t shop!

All image source: TAAG/Facebook