The organization Midwest Animal Resq has taken in a special dog named Iris, who was found abandoned in a dumpster. Once she came into animal control, the team immediately took action to get her recovery process started. Now, she is in the right hands, surrounded by people dedicated to save her and make her healing as fast as possible. Iris deserves a chance to finally have a normal, happy life – but for that to happen, she still needs help.

Iris was found in a dumpster in dreadful condition – but now she is already on her road to recovery.

She is still in the hospital, where she received two blood transfusions. The team plans to keep her in their care for another week.

Her blood cell count is very low and her infections are not yet fully under control – but, as the team reports, she is “taking treats like a champ” and loves to curl up in her rescuer’s lap for some cuddles.


Although she was hurt and abandoned, Iris still trusts people and all she needs is a real home – one that will be safe and loving. Before that, however, she will have to regain her strength and health.

The rescue urges anyone with any information about the dog and the person who had abused her to contact the organization. A $5000 reward is being offered for information leading to the conviction of the responsible person. You can donate to Iris’s medical care through the rescue’s website or PayPal. To learn more about Midwest Animal Resq, click here.

All image source: Midwest Animal Resq/Facebook