Great news, Green Monsters! Sophie’s Kitchen, the masterminds known for their vegan tuna and salmon, is at it again with some amazingly delicious and realistic tasting seafood! As if their ready-to-serve Toona and Smoked Salmon didn’t make life easy enough, Sophie’s took convenience one step further with two new frozen entrees: Lobster Mac and Cheese and Seafood Jambalaya.

While Sophie’s is hardly the only company churning out vegan food for the masses and their new demand for plant-based noms, they are one of the only companies deciding to set their focus on seafood alternatives instead of meat ones. Sophie’s Kitchen is getting this move right on a number of levels.

Not only are they capitalizing on the fact that 38 percent of the population seeking plant-based alternatives to fish, meat, eggs, and dairy, but they are also satisfying consumers’ desire for convenience without sacrifice. Their soy-free and non-GMO products have all the flavor of seafood, without the heavy metals, antibiotics, and plastic, traditional seafood is likely to contain nowadays.

The company is also putting a major focus on the texture of their products. Their secret? Konjac root, an ancient Asian superfood that is very high in fiber and can balance high amounts of protein. “Now, over the years, most of the businesses are tackling the issue of source of protein.We see the alternative proteins coming from nuts, coming from grains, and even from bugs. But very few companies are tackling the issue of texture, which after all is what the alternative meat a fighting chance to replace animal protein,” said Eugene Wang, CEO and founder of Sophie’s Kitchen. We totally agree!

Consumers not only want plant-based alternatives to their favorite foods, they want realistic ones. If companies want consumers to truly put down the burger, chicken wing, or in this case, lobster, they’re going to need to make it worth their while, flavor-wise. If that means testing out new technology and prolonging launch dates, both things Impossible Foods has done for their new Impossible Burger, then that’s what has to be done.

Saving our oceans is a noble cause, and companies like Sophie’s realize that the best way people can help the ecosystem of the ocean is with their food choices. At this point, nearly 80 percent of the world’s fish stocks have been fully exploited or are in decline, a dire issue that cannot be ignored. Especially since at this rate, it is estimated that the planet’s fisheries are likely to collapse by the year 2050!

“There are only a few countries that rely on fish as their primary source of protein, and it is developed countries like the U.S. that account for the majority of fish imports,” said Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder of One Green Planet. “But given that people in the developed and developing world still want to eat seafood, it’s time we start reimagining these foods from the ground up.”

Luckily, with options like Lobster Mac and Cheese and Shrimp Jambalaya … we can’t imagine that getting people to #EatForThePlanet will be all that difficult. With rising consumer demand for sustainable, delicious alternatives to meat, dairy, and seafood, the future of food is certainly here, and it’s vegan.

Image Source: Food Navigator