Pigs are incredibly intelligent, gentle beings that have the capacity to form meaningful social bonds with people and other animals. With pigs being thought to be smarter than dogs, even a two to three-year-old child, it can be disturbing to know that they are one of the top farmed animals raised to be slaughtered for human consumption.

To show the power of a pig with the will to live, let’s look at the story of Babe and her determination to not be killed. It was very recent that Babe, as she has been nicknamed, found herself in a terrifying situation when she was loaded onto a truck headed for a slaughterhouse in China. Regardless if she fully understood what was happening, this pig took a chance for freedom.

It appeared to be a frantic attempt as Babe pulled her strength and climbed desperately on top of other pigs, leaping over the side of the truck 16-feet to the pavement below. Like hell this truck was going to drive Babe to her untimely demise!

Fortunately, she seemed to be okay after the fall. Looking lost in a big city in south China, Babe was soon rescued and adopted by the police persons who responded to her incident.

“She was safe and sound after her leap,” said a police spokesman, “but found herself lost in the big city.”

Now safe at the police station, the spokesman went on to say, “She deserves her chance of life and she has got it. She will never be eaten here.”

Babe currently resides at the Chinese police station and is living as happy as a pig in a living area usually reserved for police dogs. Maybe the police would consider a police pig instead?!

Faith in humanity has been restored for this one pig and all who reads her heroic tail, oops …tale. And what a tale it is — kind of gives a complete new and life-changing meaning to the saying “when pigs fly,” doesn’t it?

A witness captured Babe’s escape in a few photos:

Photo credit:Rex/Metro

Photo credit:Rex/Metro

Photo credit:Rex/Metro

Lead image: U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr