Yoda, the piglet was on his way to a Canadian slaughterhouse, where he would meet his inevitable end, just like millions of pigs around the world. But Yoda decided that wasn’t going to be his fate. On September 23, 2013, Quebec provincial police found the month-old piglet wandering along a Highway.

“The people who were following that trailer saw the piglet sneak through a hole and fall off the trailer,” Sûreté du Québec spokeswoman, Joyce Kemp told CBC news. Yeah, that’s right, Yoda busted the hell out of the trailer and ran for his life!

Thanks to the work of an online network of animal lovers, the piglet ended up getting a ride to the Wishing Well animal sanctuary north of Toronto. Brenda Bronfman, who opened the sanctuary two years ago named him Yoda. What’s even better? The Wishing Well Sanctuary permanently adopts animals, meaning that Yoda never has to leave the farm.

So what’s Yoda been up to since he decided to change the course of his life?

“He just loves to crawl into people’s laps and be held; he’s a little angel. He’s just going to live the rest of his, god willing, long life. And will be happy with the other pigs and all the attention. There is always somebody on the farm, and he will just be loved for the rest of his natural life,” says Bronfman.

Awww…Look at him here in his cute lil’ sweater! The little piglet that decided he was going to be more than just bacon.

Image Source: Wishing Well Sanctuary