A lion once living in captivity has gone home to a better life after he was rescued and taken from Belgium to Malawi.

In the video below, we meet Simba, who was once kept “in a kind of circus beast wagon,” describes Virginia McKenna of the Born Free Foundation. Belgium’s Natuurhulpcentrum (Wildlife Rescue Centre) rescued Simba and contacted the Born Free Foundation, who provided him with a new home.

The Born Free Foundation is a dynamic international wildlife charity that takes action worldwide to save lives, rescue animals, and protect species. The U.K.-based foundation works with local communities to find compassionate solutions so people and wildlife can live together.

The foundation’s video documents Simba’s epic journey, as well as his release into his new home. The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi provides what this beautiful, wild animal deserves: a lush, large space to roam free! He also has the company of a female lion friend, Bella, who also lives at the Centre in Malawi.

Because of their ability to provide Simba with a better home, the lion is reportedly incredibly relaxed. See his beautiful journey from captivity to freedom below.