A recent undercover investigation carried out by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) of the Chelsea Kennel Club, a popular “boutique” pet shop in Manhattan, New York, has brought a disturbing reality to light.


While working at the club for two months, an HSUS undercover investigator found animals with various illnesses, none of which were revealed to potential buyers. It was later found that the store was trying to actively cut costs, which made them delay the medical care.

The store’s “isolation room” was a shocking sight – filled with sick puppies suffering from, among other things, breathing problems, bloody diarrhea, painful infections, and high fevers.

“A few of the many dogs who were sick in the store include a Pomeranian whose eyes were swollen shut with conjunctivitis, a French bulldog puppy whose weight plummeted from 4.12 pounds to 3.08, an English bulldog puppy with severe pneumonia and a Shiba Inu with bronchitis,” says the investigation report.

The investigator also documented the store’s staff violent behavior towards the animals, like smacking the puppies with towels and grabbing them by their scruffs.


This outrageous case is a tragic reminder that mistreatment of animals for the sake of profit is not a rare occurrence and its consequences are horrific. It is also a reminder that buying animals from pet stores is never a good idea (as opposed to adopting), since, unfortunately, dogs sold in stores are more often than not victims of breeding in puppy mills and the many health problems connected with that background.

The dogs living on the premises of the shop are treated with no respect, let alone are given the necessary care and socialization. As the investigator pointed out, the store shows a “shocking disregard” for the animals in their care – and it cannot go on any longer.

According to HSUS, the findings of the investigation have been shared with the proper law enforcement officials. Show your opposition to the store responsible for the abuse continuing to work and cause suffering to yet more animals – click here to sign the petition to the New York City Health Department to shut down the Chelsea Kennel Club!

Image source: The Humane Society of the United States