We all love and adore cats and dogs, but while these animals are extremely common companions, unfortunately, there is still a huge problem with animal homelessness in the U.S. According to the Humane Society of the United States, about six to eight million animals enter the nation’s shelters every year. Of that number only three to five million of them get adopted. The remaining animals either end up facing euthanasia or left to wait in shelters for years on end. This statistic is incredibly sad, especially considering that each one of those animals is capable of providing a lifetime of fun, companionship, and love.

Meet Louie, the former shelter kitten.  His new hooman knew they were a match when he reached his paw out and gripped her hand through his cage when she walked past.

Louie might have stolen his human’s heart, but the other cats in the family were still skeptical. Here you can Commander Burns sniffing him out. They’ll show the new guy the ropes soon enough.

It wasn’t long before Louie started gaining his title as the King of selfies.

Even when sleeping, he’s perfectly posed!

This photo perfectly captures the essence of cats. Apparently, these two were both asleep in this picture. According to their human, when they woke up and realized they were cuddling, they stalked off to opposite sides of the house.

Ever tried to put a Christmas Tree up around a cat? The whole thing becomes one big toy. Louie is clearly no exception.

“Move over dad, this shot is mine!”

Looks like the little one has finally been accepted as a part of the kitty clan. He’s honored, can’t you tell?

The secret to taking glamorous pictures of your cat every time is to wait until they’re asleep. 

Napping together was just the beginning. Louie isn’t a full member of the family until the other cats eat with him. Looks like he’s in!

Ever wondered whether your cat loves you or not? If they’ve looked at you like this, the answer is yes!

Wink Wink!

It’s all snuggles from here!

Snuggling on purpose

Here’s the most heart-meltingly sweet picture of the bunch. Look at his little nose!

Dat Face

Louie’s story just goes to show how life can change for an animal when they’re giving a loving forever home. If you’re considering adopting a new friend, don’t forget that it’s an experience that’s not only rewarding for you – but literally life-changing for them!

All image source: Imgur