Cockfighting, a blood sport that has been around for hundreds of years, is one of the most atrocious industries imaginable for the poor birds involved. To increase their aggression, the birds are tormented by having their beaks and feathers pulled, and all of this goes on with a crowd of cheering and shouting spectators, creating a truly terrifying experience for them. Birds who do not die during the fight are very often so badly injured and exhausted that they are killed anyway.

Due to its violent and cruel nature, it is mostly illegal in the United States, but that doesn’t stop some individuals from running underground rings. Such was the case recently when officials discovered 300 live roosters and 50 dead roosters next to a fighting pin in the backyard of the home in Modesto, Calif.

Deputies arrested one person and detained more than 20 after they located the rooster fighting operation, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department said on its Facebook page.

The pit of dead birds at the cockfight.

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary

Thankfully, incredible staff members from Stockton’s Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary stepped in to help several of the birds in this case, but many were found to be in  grave condition. “We see a lot of cases of animal cruelty, and this is one of the worst scenes I’ve ever seen,” Christine Morrissey, manager of Stockton’s Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary told local news station KCRA 3.

The cruelty of this situation is especially despicable considering that chickens are by nature lovers, not fighters. Chickens are incredibly social beings, who would otherwise enjoy sitting in a lap, getting cuddles. We’re glad to know that several of these birds will never have to be subjected to this torture ever again while in the care of Harvest Home Sanctuary.

Featured image source: Harvest Home Sanctuary