Meet Piper the kitten. This little fella became the center of attention when he got stuck in a storm drain in northern California. Lucky for him, a passerby heard the terrified kitten crying out for help and contacted the animal rescue group Sierra Pacific FurBabies to see what could be done.

By 1:30 that afternoon, David Loop, a representative of the group had arrived on the scene, eager to rescue the crying kitten. However, it took an entire team until 10:30 the following evening to finally rescue the scared little guy, who, after 33 intense hours, seemed surprised yet relieved to be free and safe. He is now in the custody of Sierra Pacific FurBabies, where he is getting all of the love he needs.


This heartwarming story is a great example of what happens when people put their differences aside and work together towards a common goal, which in this case was to save a life. If only humans could do that more often, imagine what a wonderful world it would be? If you would like to help Sierra Pacific FurBabies on their mission, please visit their website by clicking here.