A friendship that can brave a Michigan winter is quite the warm and loving one.

When Michigan Humane Society rescue driver, Chris Ouwerkerk, received a call that a puppy had been left out in the rain near an abandoned house, he went to the scene quickly — as he usually does — but what he found was anything but usual.


He called to the puppy, and the little one ran out to the street from his hiding space in between two trashcans. But when he picked the puppy up, he heard frantic meowing. If he could’ve translated it, the kitten probably would’ve been saying “Hey, don’t you take my cuddle buddy!”

Ouwerkerk found the kitten hidden between the two trashcans and figured that he had been snuggling with the puppy to stay warm and protected from the wind and rain.

Now, the puppy, Camarin, and Tomas, the kitten, can resume their friendship out of the scary winter winds. They’ve continued to snuggle and show affection for each other at the animal shelter, and it’s clear that it will take more than a bad storm to break their bond.