When Sparkie the long-tailed macaque leapt from a power line, he never could have imagined the fate that might befall him. Navigating electrical wires is a common occurrence for wild macaques as they’ve learned to adapt to human development. However, because the power line was exposed, when the small monkey made this jump, he was immediately electrocuted, fell into the busy road, and got hit by a moving vehicle. Sparkie laid in the street, unable to move, until villagers called the Officials of the Livestock Department, who in turn, contacted Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand to come to the monkey’s rescue.

Sparkie arrived at Wildlife Rescue Centre in Thailand in pretty bad shape.


Rescuers at the Centre determined his injured leg would need to be amputated if he had any hope at recovery. 

After six months of care and TLC,  it was time finally time for Sparkie to go back to the wild!



According to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, rescuers had no hesitations about releasing this resilient macaque back into the wild. We’re glad that, in spite of his grievous injuries, this monkey was able to return to his true home where he can live wild and free! While macaques are typically seen as pests, or captured and sold as pets, the kindhearted humans at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand saw Sparkie as an individual deserving of care and respect. It’s thanks to their dedication that Sparkie is alive and well today.

You can find the full story of Sparkie’s rescue here.


All image source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook